Confession: I've been off Soylent for awhile


It’s not Soylent’s fault (entirely), but I fell off the wagon. I have maybe a glass or two a week.

It happened slowly and was due to these two factors:
Mainly: Food issues (emotional eating). If you have disordered eating, Soylent doesn’t fix that (not that anyone ever claimed it would, I’m just putting that out there for others struggling along these same lines).
But also: Gas

I want to get back to my Soylent lifestyle. Soylent and I were doing SO WELL. But every attempt to restart has been unpleasant. The digestive issues are bad. I’m looking forward to Soylent 1.1 but I have to get my way through the surplus I have first and I don’t know if I have the patience to get through the adjustment period again. The gas never fully goes away, but it gets better and was always the better alternative to how my GI reacted to any and all conventional foods.

I literally have a month and two weeks back stock before I can get my hands on the new supply. PLEASE tell me it has solved the gas issue.

As for disordered eating, well I have to work my way through it. I’m used to that, though. I was happier on Soylent. Anyway, just confessing here. Keeping it real.

So, Soylent, as the Spinners say,

I’ll keep working my way back to you, babe
With a burning love inside
Hey, I’m working my way back to you, babe
And the happiness that died

I let it get away
Do-do, do-da, do
(Been paying every day)
Do-do, do-da, do


Thanks for sharing…Try selling some of v1.0 and get on the reorder schedule…Don’t give up…

Don’t make us sneak into your fridge and swipe all ur grub!


LOL. There’s actually no grub in my fridge. I’ve literally been eating out most of my meals and only eating about once a day. Old habit. Surviving on coffee.
Hard on the pocket book, too. :smile:


Echoing Muggle here, but thanks for sharing! I can definitely relate to having a hard time staying on Soylent (primarily from too much social eating, though the digestive issues aren’t doing it any favors).

You’ll be pleased to know that the folks who have commented on 1.1 so far seem to be pleased on the gas issue. The new problem of the hour seems to be a thinner, less-filling consistency, though there hasn’t been any official word on that yet.


Yes! I just saw that thread. I’m thinking I should wait to order the new version until the data about being filling or not comes in, as that is as important as stopping the gas. Almost.


It better be filling…It’s the only way I’ll be able to stay on it…People Chow Premium was filling from Axecho…Just ordered Axe Fuel from him…I’m sure that will do the trick as well…But I’ll def mention if it doesn’t…:slight_smile:


The reason you have trouble with food and Soylent is because you are intolerant of one or more foods. To find out exactly what foods you are intolerant of is by having a IgG allergy test. does a blood test call 184 a allergy test. It introduces your blood to 184 foods and looks to see which causes antibodies to be built. I had it done. And I stopped eating that food… I was so excited to try Soylent, but they put oat flour in it. Which has gluten… So I had to cancel my order. :(.

Look into leaky gut, Vitamins, probiotics…amino acids

Once you figure out what you do not digest properly… You’ll be great.


You can buy some beano (or equivalent) to make your old stock better-behaved; just take more than one beano pill per “meal” to get a decent effect.

Also, I find that when re-introducing Soylent, you still need to do it gradually, even if you’ve been on Soylent before, or you’ll get the usual gas problems. Your gut microbes need time to re-balance themselves to the changed diet.


I had terrible gas issues on 1.0 but after a couple of days on 1.1 it is really almost normal. Until Rosa figures out the consistency issue,and if it bothers you as it has some, you can try adding xanthan gum as described in this thread. If the Beano doesn’t work for your back stock, I’ve heard that official Soylent sells for quite a bit on eBay.


Thanks, everyone! I’m currently sharing my back stock with a friend whose mother drinks Ensure. I’ve given them 2 weeks worth to see how she does on it.

I’m going to buy beano, today and in three weeks, should be on the new version.


my plan is to use soylent for breakfast and lunch. I have also singed up to 3x a week a meal for 2 delivered that you cook at home. 500 to 700 calories per meal. I think soylent is a great idea but I still enjoy cooking and eating out. What I dont like are the useless fast food meals that mean nothing.


I went to my parents house for the weekend and didn’t bring any with me so I went without it for dinner on Friday and then all of Saturday and Sunday. Just drank it for breakfast and lunch and the death farts came back somewhere in between there. My GI system hasn’t shut up for the past few hours lol


Are you drinking 1.0 or 1.1?


I’m drinking 1.0

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Okay! I’ve started up my subscription, again! Looking forward to the new version.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing breakfast only. Will be going back to normal Soylent schedule (5 days of soylent for breakfast/lunch and 2 days all soylent) with new product.

Thanks again everyone for your support.