Confirmation email -> Soylent has problems


I ordered a couple of weeks ago and got an order # but I didn’t receive my confirmation email.

So I waited a few days and than emailed soylent with my order # asking for my confirmation email. I know my credit card got charged 155. After about a week I got an email saying not to worry and they will send out my confirmation email. I check my inbox and see they sent out my confirmation email from a different order. So I replied again asking for the confirmation email from my most recent. The problem is that is going to take another week to respond to that and I just wanted a simple answer.

Look, I understand the company is growing at a tremendous pace, but it shouldn’t take a week to respond to customer inquires and than another week to respond to the next question raised on the same email chain. If they are taking my money and charging me than they need to act like a more responsible company. They just raised another round at I read a 100 million valuation. They need to hire more employees so they can actually provide customer support. You can’t just charge people’s credit cards and then expect them to wait 3 weeks to get a response to a simple question. Its not fair. Hire more customer service reps or do something. Get a hotline. This isn’t a bootstrapped start up anymore and you have a lot of money in funding. Please act like a responsible company.


@soylent didn’t know I could this.

Order number is #46566

I just want a response, I lost my cool talking to those automatic emails. If I didn’t even get a confirmation email I don’t even know If I’m in the system. All I know is my CC was charged and the customer service rep sent me the wrong confirmation email from a past order I made.