Confused about cinnamon


So I heard a lot about the health benefits of cinnamon and wanted to start adding it to soylent (in addition to it sounding very tasty). However, in researching, I’m confused about if this is really safe to do daily.

It seems there are two kinds of cinnamon, cassia and ceylon. It seems like cassia has all of the health benefits, but also contains coumarin, which could cause liver damage. I can’t find much information on ceylon to see if it has any health benefits.

So, I guess, is it safe to add cassia cinnamon to my soylent daily? If not, is it worth it to add ceylon if I want health benefits in addition to taste?

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There are actually more kinds, but I would only recommend Ceylon for daily consumption :slight_smile: it has lowest coumarin. It is sadly also more expensive.


Interesting. I occasionally use cinnamon in my Soylent because I had heard of the health benefits as well as the good flavor. I never knew there were different types of cinnamon.

I am curious to know how one would even determine which cinnamon they had. I have a few bottles of 5th Season Ground Cinnamon that I use and after reading your post I looked on the label for some indication of whether it is cassia or ceylon. There is nothing on the label at all except for the name of the product.

I live in the US so I’m assuming most of what I get from the store is probably cassia. I guess I’ll be paying very close attention to the bottles from now on before buying anything.


Most of what you get in stores everywhere is “Cassia” since it is cheaper.

My best guess it that it is not every store that has Ceylon, so you might have to order it online.

I suspect this is an option, but I don’t know honestly, do keep in mind that is is normally more expensive, but perhaps you can find some that is cheaper somewhere. this may be best way to find some cheap.


Thanks, that isn’t bad at all. When you said more expensive I thought you meant something ridiculous like $100 a bag. Why is it always more expensive to eat healthy? So frustrating.


@JustinG @OurQuestIsVain, even with regards to ceylon cinnamon dont consume it daily, just to be on the safe side. Although it has lower doses of coumarin, it still has it. So daily consumption could cause it to accumulate in the body.


No @Tark, Ceylon is safe for daily use from what I understood, you can safely consume normal cinnamon for 6 weeks daily and then take a weeks rest and you would be fine (6 grams daily) (that is unless something is wrong with your liver to begin with.)

Ceylon has 125 times less Coumarin than Cassia. I do believe you would be fine… 0.04% vs 5%. No reason Tark to make them worried when there is nothing to be worried about… sure, after 750 weeks of 6 grams daily, perhaps a weeks break might be good for them, but I really doubt at such low levels it will accumulate.


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) established a tolerable daily intake (TDI) of 0.1 mg/kg body weight


If coumarin could build up in the body to dangerous levels we wouldn’t be able to consume cinimon ever. A daily dose above a specific amount ups the odds of liver damage. Eventually the law of averages will catch up with you.


That link says:

As expected the report shows that Ceylon Cinnamon has ultra low levels of Coumarin as to be totally insignificant, while all other types of Cinnamon exhibited high levels of Coumarin, especially Saigon Cinnamon.


So it sounds like Ceylon is perfectly safe, but just to confirm, Ceylon has the health benefits associated with cinnamon?

I think I read most studies were performed with cassia


It would appear that it does… at least from what I read.


Thats the site’s conclusion, but the site links to this study which says the above thing i mentioned. Thats the reason i posted that link in the first place.


Clearing some things up in this thread with some simple math and reading:

Ceylon indeed does have coumarin, but in VERY LOW amounts compared to cassia.

There is no evidence that supports @Tark’s statement of low amounts of accumulation of coumarin to be dangerous. As @horsfield said, if it could build up to dangerous levels in the body, then we shouldn’t consume cinnamon on any regular basis, ever. That is why there is a TDI - tolerable daily intake - that is to say, on average we do not want to go over 0.1mg/kg of our body weight in coumarin.

As far as the website’s conclusion, that is a correct conclusion based on the very article that @Tark linked, and there is no “but”. Let’s look at some numbers from the article:

Assuming a modest body weight of 150lbs, or 68kg, a person’s coumarin consumption is not to exceed 6.8mg per day.

From the article, in Table 1, looking at the coumarin column of the C. verum (Ceylon) cinnamon we can see that the average coumarin content is about .015g/kg, or 15mg/kg. That means for a person weighing 150lbs, one would have to consume about 0.45kg or 1lb of cinnamon in order to reach the TDI. That is a TON of cinnamon.

Looking at the most prevalent cinnamon imported into the US, C. burmannii (90% of the imports into the US during the last 5 years as stated in the article), we have an average coumarin content of about ~6g of coumarin per 1kg of cinnamon. Note that this number more highly variable, but the low/max as reported in their samples is 2.14 and 9.3g, respectively. This means that for a person weighing 150lbs, one would have to consume about 0.00113kg or 0.0025lbs to reach the TDI, which is much more likely.

Personally, I use 1 teaspoon of cinnamon per day for my Soylent. According to the calculator here:
That is about 0.0058lbs of cinnamon per day, a bit more than double what the TDI would be if I were using Cassia cinnamon.

TLDR: Based on current evidence, Ceylon cinnamon is safe for consumption as a daily additive to Soylent, while Cassia cinnamon is not, just as most of the voices in this thread have stated previously.


Another place you can buy cinnamon is from Penzey’s spices. They have several cinnamon blends, and they have the pure ones too.


So you are saying that it would be safe to ingest cassia cinnamon every day as long as it doesn’t exceed the TDI? Which would be something like 0.5 lbs?


It would be safe to consume Ceylon cinnamon everyday. Adjust for your weight, but the max would be about 1lb of cinnamon for someone who is 150lbs.


If coumarin doesn’t accumulate then you could consume cassia cinnamon every day if it didn’t exceed TDI right?


The problem with Cassia is the daily amounts are so low.


Would seasoning your pitcher of Soylent with a few shakes of ground cassia cinnamon be too much?