Confused about the Vegetarian claim on the Campaign page


“Is soylent vegan available yet?
Not yet. This first run will be the regular vegetarian soylent, but it is lactose free, kosher, halal, and absent of all known allergens”

But, my understanding is that it includes Omega-3’s from Fish Oil. This wouldn’t be Vegetarian though, it’d be Pescatarian(Since fish have to die in the manufactur of fish oil).

Has the source been changed to Seaweed Oil or some other thing?


I read somewhere that Rob want the vegetarian version to use flaxseeds. Otherwise, it won’t make sence because of the resons you mentioned.

Also, why don’t they use canola/rapeseed oil too? It is one of the best oils for omega 3, and its very cheap. The ratio for omega 6 to 3 is only 2-1, which is quite good, where as olive oil is 11-1.


I know the post you’re thinking of, but he says he’s going to have the Vegan version use Flaxseed Oil, not the Vegetarian version. That’s why I’m confused…

Also, I’m not sure that those provide EPA and DHA, but rather just provide APA(Which the body can inefficiently synthesize into EPA and DHA). And that’s why Fish or Algae Oil are preferred, because they directly provide EPA and DHA. (Someone correct me if this is an incorrect understanding…)


I am concerned about this as well - I was operating under the assumption this run would be vegetarian, and have seen Rob assure people of such more than once, but fish oil is not, to my knowledge, vegetarian. At this late a point it seems unwise to cancel something I am so unexcited about, but its a bit of a surprise and the decision to move away from vegetarian support means that continuing in my enthusiasm also means compromising my principles, something I will end up quite conflicted about… :confused:

Edit: also I think I just bumped an old thread, discourse can get a bit confusing on my phone. This probably should have been in the recent ingredients thread, since that was the first time I realized it wouldnt be vegetarian.

Edit2: Ah, wait, the fish oil was supposed tto be separate, right? Is that still the case? So I would just need to find my own replacement for it?


You should have received an order form that asked you whether you wanted the vegetarian version (in which case you’d be warned that you need to provide your own Omega 3s) or non-vegitarian version with fish oil.

If you’ve placed an order and haven’t received the email about a follow-up email with a link to the order form, you should probably contact… someone? (I don’t know who off the top of my head.)


I have not ordered yet, but do I need to pay first before specifying that I do not want the fish oil? From what Peanut is saying, the choice should come afterward. True?

I don’t want to go through with entering payment information if my money is going toward buying animal products, but I’ll go ahead and order as long as I can Definitely get it without. Thanks.


@TwilitWave and
@ chrisdean

I do not understand at all why the Soylent sellers want oils to be included in Soylent , because oils have their own very big problems of rancidity ( causing limited shelf storage life )

Especially fish oil is turning very fast rancid , and vegetarians / vegans do NOT want to use fish oils

Vegetarians / vegans could buy very easily separately flaxseed oil ( for their high omega 3 vs omega 6 content ) and/or oil made from micro-algae ( containing DHA / EPA ) , according to their own desire


@chrisdean, and @GlyphGryph once you have placed your order you would get an email and be asked to take a backerkit survey (link to it provided in the email). Included in the backerkit survey was an option for male or female blend (now no option I believe), and the choice of vegan/ or non vegan. The non vegan blend would be the Soylent product shipped without the current oil blend. The reason for sticking with fish oil at this time was to prevent the further delay of the manufacturing process and allow a product to get to market. They do still intent on making a full vegan version, which they hope to have ready by the middle of this year (assuming all goes well).

@peanut the email your looking for is probable or tag @rob or @JulioMiles, I know they placed an order amount higher than the current ordered amount, but I am unsure if they are still accepting newer orders or when the cutoff date is.

@BreakingBad, from my understanding, the oils included are sealed and prepared so as to prevent them from going rancid, since it is the quality of manufacturing and packaging process that causes the oils to turn rancid.