Confused... think I just got a batch of 1.0 Soylent


I have yet to open it yet, but we got our latest 28-bag subscription reorder today and the boxes are identical to the boxes we’ve always gotten.

I was under the impression that, starting with the recent announcement of 1.1, all orders shipped were in fact 1.1 in the new compact boxes etc.

Did that perhaps not apply to reorders for the time being and only new orders? Did we really just get another 28 bags of 1.0? I’m actually rather happy if so since I’m concerned about the thickness (or lack thereof) issues people have mentioned with 1.1. But it does seem confusing.

I plan to open it up later tonight so I’ll know with 100% absolute certainty then. Right now I’m only comparing the outer boxes and they are identical to all the others we have received.


I thought the compactness referred only to less than 1 month boxes, because apparently the 1 week boxes were around the same size as the one month boxes initially.


Ahh perhaps so. Will update shortly when I open it all up anyway.


Confirmed, we just received 28 bags of 1.0 Soylent. No change in the bags, packaging, ingredients, nothing. Even looks to be the same batch number. Weird.


Maybe they found an extra bit of 1.0 lying around and started shipping it out? I received 1.1, it is significantly smaller, and the 4, 1 week boxes came in a normal brown shipping box about the size of 2 of the old 1 week boxes, and even then, they still had room to put in some bubble packaging.


Odd you got a month of 1.0 at this stage. Lucky that you guys really like the original formula!


I’ve got some of both right now, the originals are 444 grams per bag, and the new ones, which arrived yesterday, are 447 grams per bag.

I pay attention to the weights because sometimes I make half batch with a food scale.


Did it ship from CA or PA?

My last order shipped from PA and when I mentioned the different way they were shipping (two large brown boxes with two weeks in each) someone from Soylent replied that that was “The last of the 1.0” and that is how the PA facility was shipping them.

It could be that it was the last 1.0 that the PA facility had.

I’m going to be very disappointed if I get another shipment of 1.0 (I should be getting another shipment in about two weeks).

The great thing about the PA shipping center is that it only takes one day for it to get to me as opposed to the 7 days it took to ship from CA.


Seeing as we’re in CA, I can’t imagine it would have shipped from anywhere else. Plus it was so quick (next day after the shipping notice was sent out) that I’m pretty sure it couldn’t have come from the east coast… not by FedEx Ground anyway.

So yeah maybe it was the very last of the 1.0. It’s just so counter to what was said in the announcement which was that starting that day, ALL orders were being shipped as 1.1. Go figure…


Excellent observation! These are definitely 1.0 then… 444 grams.


I got mine 2 days ago in one brown box 1 months worth from Calif. took one day for delivery.


Did you get 1.0 or 1.1?


I got 1.1, real bland but filling.


Interesting… after all the comments that it seemed less filling, I’m relieved to hear you say that you find it filling. “Bland” can be fixed by the consumer, but if it’s not filling… that’ll be a definite problem!


Additional xanthan gum has been reported to restore satiation.


Excellent to know… will see how we do with it once we get some 1.1.


@vanclute, maybe RL read some of your posts saying how happy you were with 1.0 and just decided to send you some of that instead of the 1.1? You didn’t get any PMs or emails?


LOL I don’t think I’m quite that special. :wink: And no, no emails or anything at all other than the usual shipping notification and a day later, the order showed up. It’s our normal 28-bag supply, right on time when it should arrive. We have a second 7-bag subscription that should be showing up sometime soon, will be interesting to see if it’s 1.0 or 1.1.