Confused with scoop


I got my first soylent shipment yesterday with starter kit. Is there two version of measuring scoop or just the legacy one right now? Because email included link to legacy scoop, but booklet never mentions legacy scoop.


You got the new scoop. Legacy was the old scoop, now discontinued. Search “scoop,” a couple of threads created with this same question.

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How does the legacy scoop relate to the new serving size? I make all my Soylent in single-meal batches, and I’ve completely lost track of the math since V1.



I received my first soylent shipment last week, and my scoop says 1 scoop soylent/2 scoops water on the bottom and ‘1/2 meal’ on the handle… Is that the legacy scoop or the new scoop? I’m just looking to make 500-calorie single servings. I submitted the same question to customer service 3 days ago but haven’t gotten a response yet :(.

I tried searching all over the forum and Google, etc. a couple nights ago, but couldn’t for the life of me find the answer.


You have a new scoop. (They have shipped the new scoop exclusively for two months.)


Aha, thank you kindly!


Unfortunately, the legacy scoop info on the website isn’t accurate. I never get more than 5 scoops out of a bag, usually a bit less.


It looks like they’re still linking to the legacy scoop info. I placed my first order last week and got the shipping notification email yesterday (May 26th). The email says:

For instructions on preparing Soylent with the measuring scoop, click here:

This link redirects to with the title “Preparing Soylent 1.4 With The Legacy Measuring Scoop”.

Assuming they did change out the scoop months ago, it makes me a bit nervous that they can’t quality control an email. :-/ Hopefully this will get fixed soon. I’ll reply to the notification email (info@) to see what they have to say.


@Conor Would you be able to get the info corrected? (See post above this one.)


Could you forward me the email you received:


@Conor Done.
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