Confusing Soylent 1.4 side effects- Need help



Received my first two weeks of Soylent 1.3 mid-February and eased into it. Didn’t notice much change, but I loved the convenience, so I ordered a month’s worth. But last week I became very tired after eating. I looked into it a bit, saw some stuff about vanillin and digestive leukocytosis, but I didn’t have time to figure it out, so I tried to brush it off, especially since I had just ordered more.

I received a month of 1.4 and was excited. But then the same thing happened a few times since then, but not every time. Yesterday I had to leave work because I just couldn’t function. This morning, I felt fine. Just this afternoon I felt tired, then I got diarrhea and now I have a headache and I feel like my head is going to explode.

I’ve been adding salt to see if that helps. It doesn’t seem like it has. It may be an adjustment to 1.4, but I experienced it once on 1.3 as well. And it’s a little extreme for an adjustment.

I’m 25, male, 5’7" 150lbs, I live an active lifestyle, burning 2500-3000 cal/day according to my fitbit. I drink about a gallon of water each day. I take 20mg adderall each day, and I have 2-3 cups of coffee.

I’m not in this to study nutrition, I just live a busy life and if it wasn’t soylent, it would be pizza and chicken fingers and doritos, so I figure this is a much better option. I don’t want to give up on Soylent, especially since I have $300 sitting in my apartment now, but I can hardly function when it affects me this way.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this? What should I do? I would be really grateful for any help you can provide.


I should add that the Adderall is via prescription for ADHD.


What are you eating besides soylent?


It just depends. I had a salad on Monday, chik-fil-a on Tuesday, nothing but soylent on Wednesday (and felt fine). Yesterday after feeling sick, I had some potato chips and some green beans and some sort of enchilada thing. I’ve been supplementing the soylent with Raw Meal from garden of life because it has more protein and fiber and I’m aiming for more protein-heavy ratio.


Well, 2 things… if you are on 1.4, don’t add salt. it has enough, while 1.3 didn’t.
secondly, 1.4 shouldn’t have vanillin either as they removed it in 1.4… so that is out too. if you are burning 2500-3000 calories, you could be short on calories which may be your problem… I suggest eating an extra meal besides your Soylent or some other caloric beverages like juice or such…

Also it sounds like the adderall and coffee may actually be the main factor as those would explain your symptoms when combined with the other things you have mentioned… see a doctor…

stop with that… you may be getting vitamin/mineral overdoses too then… How much are you eating exactly? 1 full bag a day + raw meal (how many servings???)


This is really helpful. Looking back trough my records, the vitamin overdose seems possible. I hadn’t really thought about that as a thing. I’ll start there and see if it helps. It not, I’ll look at caffeine and stimulant intake and see how those change things.


Quick question, do you tend to eat at least half an hour before engaging in physical activity? I noticed a major difference in energy based on when I ate.


In addition to what tordenskjold said (by the way great catch about the possibility of vitamin overdose @Tordenskjold ), try not to eat other food too on the day you eat soylent. Try consuming 5-6 bags a day of soylent if you are burning 2500-3000 cal day. These are 500 calories bags (or is it a pouch? and the bigger one that has a days worth…the bag?).


?? One bag is about 2000 calories…
Adderal should increase his caloric needs also as it is an amfetamin.

OP do you adhd/add or are you taking it as a study drug?


So 5-6 pouches a day?


Soylent only comes in 2000 cal bags.


Oh okay. I havent ordered it so far, so i had no idea. I thought soylent is packed the follOwing way: each pouch has 500 cal worth. And one bag had four pouches.

@bdhuther, ignore my suggestion about consuming 5-6 bags a day :smile:


Looking at the nutrition info on Raw Meal, if you’ve been adding one serving of that per day, vitamin overdose is really not a concern. That’s not to say there isn’t something in Raw Meal that you’ve become sensitive to, but the vitamin levels are nowhere near enough to lead to symptoms of overdose.

I wish I had any good ideas to offer, but I don’t… the amount of coffee doesn’t seem excessive, but I’ve never looked into adderall.

The headache sounds vaguely like what some people get when they start getting adequate potassium for the first time, when they start on Soylent or DIY… but the potassium levels have not really changed since 1.3, and you’ve had Soylent before, so nothing is really seeming likely.

Hope you feel better soon or figure it out.


@Tark, 711 posts and you thought Soylent came in 500 cal pouches? I like your style, sir!


I am serious. I did not know that. I dont know why. I guess i am not too good at paying attention to details about packaging related stuff.


It can also be normal to feel tired, restful, after a big batch of carbs. Soylent doesn’t take as long to digest and get into your system as say, a morning bowl of cereal. So that alone might slow you down. So you add coffee to combat that feeling, and now you’ve got more of a “brew” let’s say, going on in your digestive system than you are probably used to. It really is a change of lifestyle. It makes you change more than just adding Soylent to your system. The drugs, the coffee… everything may behave differently now. Keep paying attention and finding your balance… hang in there! It’s worth it! And keep up the water and juice intake. Good work!


The adderall is for diagnosed ADHD and helps with my anxiety.

I avoided coffee and adderall this weekend and I didn’t encounter any issues. I’m trying coffee again today and I’ll try adderall again tomorrow.


For whatever it’s worth, Soylent might actually help with your anxiety issues as well, and maybe could even help you not need the adderall.

It’s not identical but you might want to see the results with depression (which often includes anxiety) from this thread.


Huzzah! Another person with ADHD.


What? You thought you were alone? :smiley: