Considering paper, cardboard and papier mache glue as fiber sources


My understanding is that unbleached paper/cardboard is just cellulose and lignin, both of which are 100% indigestible insoluble fiber.

I think papier mache glue is made entirely of cellulose also (?) and is non toxic.

I am not getting enough insoluble fiber in my soylent, it is making my stool sticky. I did not have this problem with almond flour in the recipe but my protein source has all the phosphorus I need and the almond flour would be too much… it is also far too expensive an ingredient.

My soylent is made to be ketogenic, this is why I am having such problems with insoluble fiber sources. I tried coconut flour but it didn’t seem to help my stool consistency at all, it scratches my throat and makes it feel dry. Adding more psyllium does not help, presumably because it is mostly soluble. I tried sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, the texture and taste in the mix was unpleasant and they gave me stomach aches eating them separately. I can still try swapping the flaxseed oil for flaxseed meal/flour but I hear complaints about the taste of these and am still curious about the other options.

If paper is OK, what about newspaper? Would the ink be a problem?
I realise it may seem stupid to be asking these questions but paper is just wood fiber as far as I know, so I do not think it is really such a terrible idea… but it’s always worth checking.


Why not just Metamucil?

This stuff is yummy as hell.


My understanding is metamucil is mostly psyllium husk and maltodextrin, pretty much just soluble fiber, not insoluble. My current theory is the almond flour helped whereas psyllium husk does not because the fiber in almonds is insoluble.


I use benefiber which is wheat dextrin.I suggest you read wikipedia’s entry on dietary fiber paper, whilst being an indigestible plant part, has been chemically treated, so I would not be too keen on making it a daily part of my intake.


Wheat dextrin is another soluble fiber source. I Had thought it would contain considerable amounts of gluten also but my research indicates it contains 20ppm or less which means it can be considered “gluten free”… but it seems it would be only as effective as the psyllium, I require insoluble fiber from what I can tell.

I have not given enough consideration to the chemicals used in paper and cardboard production.

Thank you for the information.


Shoot, I was on that fiber source already when I was in Kindergarten. :slight_smile:


Use flax seed without gridning it. From what I’ve heard, it mostly passes through (insoluble). If you want it to be Soluble, it needs to be ground into a powder. It costs like $10 per pound, but you don’t have to put a lot in. I use maybe a tablespoon (3 teaspoons) ground for my diy mix per day based on QuidNYC’s cheaperfood.

My other thoughts would be sunflower seeds, but it is more digestible and would skew the other macros. For cheaper, try small uncooked beans like lentils (probably want to sort to get rid of any rocks though).


I used 50g ground flaxseed in my soylent today, 15g insoluble fiber which is great… drinking the first glass of 6 gave me a wicked stomach ache already though just like sunflower and pumpkin seeds did. I will reduce the amount and keep trying, but I do not think I will be able to get a significant enough amount of fiber this way without great discomfort!