Consistency of Soylent when Mixed - Does it "settle" to the bottom or get thick/pasty? [vs. Raw Meal?]


So I’ve been TRYING to use Raw Meal until I get my first shipment in. I have a Love/Hate relationship with Raw Meal. Mind you I only use one scoop typically in 16 oz. of liquid. They actually tell you to use 2 scoops for 16 oz. which is way too much! If I mix it with some type of milk the consistency gets really thick and gooey almost like some type of paste, which is so hard to drink. Otherwise, a lot of times if you don’t drink it that instant, the powder just settles to the bottom and a lot of times it just turns green and if you wait long enough you can clearly see all the powder settling to the bottom and the water to the top. Also the powder is so hard to really get it mixed in there. I tried mixing it with about 12 oz. of hot chocolate from starbucks once… I put it in the bottom of the cup and they just put the hot chocolate over it, don’t know if they mixed it. I tried mixing it with a straw to no avail. Then I tried a milk frother/foamer thing that I keep in my car, and I was able to mix most of it, but there was still a lot of it in the bottom, and it had this very thick consistency, thicker than a milkshake. Almost like I was drinking pudding…
Also, DO NOT LET IT GET WARM! It tastes nasty. I would mix it with cold water, put in some Splenda so it doesn’t taste as bad… Take little sips here and there. By the time it got warm the taste would completely change and would be undrinkable.

How is the consistency to Soylent in relation to this?
Does the powder settle to the bottom?
Can it get thick like this? One person in another forum said Raw Meal turns “puffy” if you wait a bit… so it can just be related to time going by and not the actual liquid that I used.

I hope that Soylent is more flexible. I want’ to bring it around with me everywhere and try to mix it with things I would drink usually like maybe coffee or a shake. I admit I am a compulsive eater.


You need something to mix it all up and a straw or spoon really don’t do the job. What saved me was a shaker bottle. Really helps mix up the powder with your liquid and while drinking give it a shake every once in a while to keep things mix together. The only problem I have is after drinking I tend to leave it sitting empty for a bit and it makes it harder to clean. Much easier to clean if you wash right away.


The official Soylent hasn’t been released yet, but I do expect it to mix well and not have the issues you’ve seen with the Raw Meal. They say that it mixes well when shaken, no blender needed, but chilled preferred.

In my experience with DIY soylent I am not having your issues either. My recipe combines well and stays in solution, nothing sitting in the bottom of the glass. I do currently use a blender though, as well as refrigerate, it’s always better cold.

Vacuum bottles are awesome, I use a thermos for when I need to take it on the road.


I shake mine up in a blender bottle and let it sit for at least 3 hours. When I come back, yes, there’s settling that occurs, but I just give it another quick shake and it’s fine. I let it sit for 3 hours so it isn’t so grainy. DIY of course. This is my recipe.

It definitely doesn’t get pasty but part of this is because I’m using a 28 oz blender bottle and splitting a day’s worth of food into 4, not 3 meals.


Blend it with frozen fruit in a Magic Bullet or equivalent. I use one scoop of Chocolate Raw Meal, one scoop of vanilla Whey Protein and frozen fruit. Not bad.