Consistent Nutritional Information



My items have finally arrived and I’m doing the final touches to my recipe.

Issues I have is I’m using sea salt for some of my sodium content but some sites list other minerals such as calcium and iron. Some don’t.

Also the Gold Standard Whey protein lists calcium as 8% with no “mg” value. Meant to be 8% of the RDI for a 2000 cal diet? Where is that value so I can add it to my spreadsheet? Same goes for the extra minerals in the salt and other components.





How does that explain the 8% calcium on the nutrition label for the protein powder?


Knowing the recommended value and the percentage on the label you can calculate how much is in there.

if you would like to know a different number, all that will help is writing a letter to ON sadly.

Btw, my ON “Gold Standard 100% Whey” says nothing about Calcium.


Mines the Vanilla Icecream flavored version.

The double rich chocolate version shown in the link above shows iron 2% as well.