Constantly clearing throat, wonder if it's my diet


Felt like I had a pretty unique question that would be better served with answers from people like me than a general body building forum. Over the last year or two I’ve been noticing this chronic mucus feeling that’s got me clearing my throat literally all day long. My breakfasts are usually a power bar and a greek yogurt to satiate me until lunchtime, most of the rest of the day is microwavable snacks until dinner.

I’m thinking it may have to do with the high(?) dairy content I consume each day, as I’ve tried to rule out my environment (web development shop) and I’ve never had any allergic reactions to anything. Just interested to see if anyone had any insight into what could be causing this kind of thing.


Do you have acid reflux? (how often?) I sadly experience this too and my doctor said it is probably because of my acid reflux so he gave me some stuff to reduce the acid. Even if you don’t notice much of the acid relux, any given amount of acid that flows back up your mouth can irretate the mucus glands :3 (notice mucus)


:\ I know how you feel. No acid reflux thankfully, I can just feel the drainage into my throat at all times.

I tried Mucinex for a bit, but it didn’t seem to change anything; could argue that I didn’t stay on it long enough to find out though.


I wouldn’t rule out the “silent reflux” then if you don’t feel the acid reflux… you can have acid flowing up without it having to be painful… but unless it’s some sort of infection then it’s your best bet :slight_smile: ofc I am no doctor, but I can tell you right now I have the same problem and most of the time I don’t feel the acid reflux either unless I get too much caffine… but I still have the “slime/feeling” even when I havn’t had the burning feeling for days.

edit: I think the name for the symptom is called “postnasal drip” if you wanna look it up, so that being said, there are other causes for it too :smiley:


I also used to have this problem, back when my acid reflux was much worse than it is now. Most of the time I didn’t “feel” the reflux in my throat either. My symptoms were more commonly mild stomach pain, and occassionally a flare-up where I felt it in my throat. However, I was clearing my throat all day long everyday.

The symptoms all disappeared after I completely stopped drinking caffeine. Now, years later, I will drink one can of soda once or twice per week and it seems fine.