Constipation with DIY recipe - I suspect iron


I’ve been having some issues with constipation after a few weeks with my DIY recipe. The iron level was 30mg. It really reminded me of when I used to take brewer’s yeast in college and I had no idea of the high levels of iron in it.

I ate tons of greens to try to fix that and it didn’t help. Knocked off the brewer’s yeast and life was wonderful again.

Anyhow, this is the recipe that I was starting out with:

I’m welcome to any input on iron or other thoughts on the recipe. I have tried to improve it in version 1.1 but field trials with it are going poorly. Clearly I’ll have to make changes for 1.2 and it’s time to talk to others before I guess a second time.



Updated recipe to 1.3 today with lower iron. Hoping for better results.


30mg is a ton of iron. The only people that should even think about approaching that level would be pregnant women.

An adult male needs about 8mg, and an adult female needs about 18mg (values vary based on age and pregnancy/breastfeeding status if applicable). However, you can safely consume up to around 20mg if everything else in your diet is roughly okay and you are hydrated properly.

Source: U.S. National Institute of Health


Thanks! I wondered if I was going insane since others had allegedly consumed the source recipe I started mine from.

Then today I was reading in Dr. Michael Colgan’s Optimum Sports Nutrition that men should be getting about 36mg of iron if they’re exercising a lot. But I really don’t care what that book says. It made me feel miserable.

Thanks for the link, that was exactly the sort of reference I was looking for but my google-fu wasn’t up to the challenge!


I honestly have not done much research on nutrition requirements for people who exercise a lot (like bodybuilders) because that is not me. But I would be skeptical of those iron claims just because being inorganic, the metabolic pathways tend to be less forgiving than with organic chemicals.

This is why overdosing on vitamins is generally less of a problem than with minerals. 3,000% of your vitamin C? No problem. 3,000% of your potassium? You might die.


Well, I’m not doing bodybuilding, just a lot of cardio. It’s strange to me that so many others are on People Chow 3.0.1 and it has 25g of iron but no one is complaining about this issue.

I reduced the iron in v1.3 but the results have not changed a whole lot but it has only been a few days. When I changed to a buckwheat version,, of the diet the problem reversed itself in 24 hours.

I’ve been reading around in links about soluble vs insoluble fiber and noticed that my amount of insoluble fiber seems a bit lower than some other recipes. I’m increasing the insoluble fiber by 10g via chia seed in tomorrows batch,