Consuming Soylent during exercise


Hi, whenever I eat regular food during the downtime of a sports event like badminton, I get cramps when resuming activity. However, since Soylent is a liquid and presumably easier on the digestive system, will I still get cramps?


You’ll probably still get cramps. You’re still digesting and digestion during exercise can cause cramps. Of course, it might depend on how much soylent you take, but I would count on it. Cramps will most likely still happen.

I always give myself at least an hour of rest after soylent meal (about 600 calories) before heading to the gym.


Badminton is a sport?


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Cheapskate is right, though - food and exercise working well together is a matter of timing. Just give yourself about an hour to let the food settle before doing any strenuous activities. Or badminton (it was originally called goodminton, but after playing the first match ever they said “Naaaah…”)


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Lee Hutchinson from the Ars review on beta Soylent experienced a positive effect on his endurance training (running).
He said he didn’t have this downtime from digestion like when he eats regular food. Just just must not drink too much of it at a time and you are ok.

The logic behind this effect is, that the downing predigestion in the stomach is greatly reduced with Soylent. I doubt that cramps could originate form Soylent if you don’t eat too much of in at competitions.

Trolls get cramps from Soylent by the way. Terrible ones. Don’t try it.


Lol. I only get cramps if I troll sooner than an hour afer eating. :wink: