Consuming Soylent Without Chilling It


My first pitcher of Soylent was not the greatest experience. I didn’t really like the taste or texture, and I also didn’t like the pressure of having to drink the entire pitcher in 48 hours. The taste, the trouble of preparing it ahead of time, and the time pressure of consuming it made me think that Soylent might not be right for me.

I realized if it was going to work for me, I would need to be able to make the Soylent on demand and not worry about chilling it or drinking an entire pitcher in 48 hours. So when I started the second bag, I decided to make one scoop and drink it immediately and see if that would work. I just added a scoop of Soylent and two scoops of water to a glass and stirred for 60 seconds. Then I added a couple of teaspoons of oil and stirred for another 60 seconds. (Sorry if you’ve read similar posts from me in other threads… I guess I’m a single scoop, no-chill envangelist.)

I wasn’t expecting much. But it tasted great! The stirring mixed it well enough that the texture was fine. And I didn’t notice a problem with it not being chilled (I just used cold water from the tap.) What a relief. I could just make one scoop at a time and not worry about it going bad, or waiting for it to chill, or cleaning the pitcher.

After about 14 bags consumed this way, I finally decided to try making the Soylent in a pitcher again. I was curious to see if my initial reaction to the taste and texture had simply been because I was new to the experience. Well, interestingly enough, I still don’t like the chilled version. (I did follow the recommendation of letting it chill overnight and adding the oil later.) I thought it was harder to drink. It was a bit thicker and grittier in a different, odd way. It was sort of smooth and gritty at the same time. When I drink it without chilling (and simply stirring), there are some particles, but they don’t seem as disconcerting to me. Also, I can drink the non-chilled version faster, and I seem to digest it better.

I’m curious if anybody else drinks their Soylent this way.


I do a pitcher a day, but I don’t do the overnight thing either. I put it together, pour a cup, and stick the rest in the fridge. I don’t really have a preference on chilled versus fresh, but i try to keep it cool for preservation purposes.


I travel a lot for work, and therefor am unable to prepare in advance and chill overnight.

I started drinking “fresh” Soylent out of necessity, but now, that I’ve gotten used to the taste, I find the convenience of Soylent-on-demand much greater than the difference in taste.


Im pretty sure the directions mention something along those lines. You can simply add an ice cube to your glass and you are set.


It’s good to know that Soylent tastes OK without being chilled. Someone who wants a single serving, but chilled, could also get a shaker that is then put into the fridge.


I have three 20 ounce blender bottles, which is perfect for making a full pouch (two scoops of Soylent each). Sometimes I go this route instead of the pitcher, it’s very convenient.


I do mostly DIY, not Soylent, but I’ve always enjoyed mine both ways - soaked and chilled, as well as fresh.

I also enjoy my Soylent warmed up… and I’ve found my DIY, when nuked the right amount of time, makes a tasty spoon bread that I literally eat with a spoon. Nice treat on a cold, rainy day.


Yep to each their own. Just like with beer, some cultures serve it room temp, others wouldn’t dare serve it above 40 degrees F. But it’s not like Soylent will harm you at room temp or anything so if you prefer it that way, more power to ya!


Yeah, I saw that the directions mentioned pouring over ice cubes if you want to drink it immediately. But I skip the ice cubes too :smile:

Oddly enough, I think it tastes better when it’s not chilled. Although maybe it also has something to do with the texture being more to my liking before it’s been sitting around too long. (Note that when I did my second pitcher experiment, I made sure to stir for 60 seconds after pouring to make sure it wasn’t just the stirring that was affecting the consistency.)


Do you notice a difference between the texture of the Soylent you drink immediately versus the the Soylent that you drink after it’s been in the refrigerator for a while? I think the refrigerated Soylent is thicker and also grainier. Whereas the Soylent that I drink immediately may have a little bit of grit here and there, but doesn’t have that constant graininess.


That’s so funny, I found room temp Soylent to be super duper powdery… was not a pleasant sensation at all. But chilled it thickens up (which I definitely prefer) and gets much smoother.


I haven’t noticed much of a texture difference. It mostly tastes sweeter once it’s been sitting (I’m still on 1.0)