Consumption Methods


Consumption Methods, what has worked best for you? Do you chug the glass, sip on it here and there, or drink it normally like any other drink? Also, do you think these different methods have any correlation with gas, potential upset stomach, or any other conditions you can think of?

Just starting out, 2-week supply. I work 3 days a week overnight so Soylent comes in handy for the long nights as a data center engineer. Those three nights are the ones I plan on using Soylent, 3 nights x 4 week = 12 Full servings with two to add somewhere else in the month.

Anyway, on my first week now, third day at 100% and maybe a snack or two on the side. My first day ruled, second day the farts began quite terribly may I add, and the third day I am utilizing Beano for a significantly less amount of gas. I also had a question about poops (hehe), for those who have traversed the path before has anyone experience what I can best describe as a slight burn, almost as if I had eaten semi-hot peppers like Jalapenos? Or is this more related to the sudden, perhaps, system shock of introducing this large amount of Soylent into the body?



As far as consumption methods, the consensus has generally been that it’s best to sip on it and spread out your consumption over time. I’ve seen a few people mention that they basically chug a glass before they go do something and have no problems at all, but for those of us who experience gas or upset stomach, spreading it out seems to help a lot.


I’ve found that now that I have been on Soylent for a decent while, I can drink more of it more quickly and not have a problem. Still I try not to go overboard. Sometimes I’ll down a 6oz glass in 5 or 10 seconds and I haven’t had any problem with that. But for any larger quantity I generally drink over several minutes if not longer. Like I’ll go through my entire 20oz bottle during the course of a 1hr TV show, or a movie.


I chug it. 4-5 “meals” per day. I couldn’t drink it slow if I tried.


Contrary to what a lot of people experience, I find I do better if I drink it somewhat quickly rather than spreading it out. It took me awhile to figure out why. I take Beano before my Soylent. If I drink quickly (I don’t chug, but maybe drink over the course of 5-10 minutes), I’m fine. However, if I spread it out over an hour or two, or just sip from my thermos when I feel hungry throughout the day, then my body has already utilized the Beano and I’m just drinking the Soylent with no digestive assistance.


I would check this topic. It’s dedicated to the burning sensation.


Makes sense, trying this suggestion as a good middle-ground. How many ounces would you say you drink during that time. Also, do you happen to know if there is a limit to the amount of beano you can use in a day, or is it safe to pop one or two during each meal?


Thanks all, going to try out a couple of these suggestions and see which works best for my body. I appreciate the tips, thank you!!


I probably drink 8-12 ounces at a time. There is another thread called “Too much Beano?” that you can check out, but to sum up, the general conclusion was that there was no upper limit, so go nuts. If it’s brand name Beano, they say take 2-3, but I was taking 2 of a generic version with twice the active ingredient, which would equal 4 Beano. Your mileage may vary, of course. :slight_smile:


I’ve often been adding about 80% water to a cup half filled with Soylent. It settles much faster in high dilution, but I drink it fast either way, so at least I don’t neglect the extra water aspect.


I sip. Mainly because my sense of fullness seems to be delayed from the point of consumption.
Lately I’ve found that pouring a glass then keeping that glass in the fridge next to the pitcher and taking sips from the glass are easier than re-pouring and re-cleaning small portions in the glass.