Container for keeping one bottle of 2.0 chilled?

Ok, so I’m back to drinking the occasional Soylent 2.0. (If I drink it daily I get gas issues) Anyway, I’m mostly going to use it in the afternoon between jobs and I want to keep it chilled until that time. Any ideas on mini containers/thermoses that would be good for a single bottle of 2.0?


If you want to keep a whole bottle chilled, you probably want a small cooler or insulated lunch bag, possibly with one or more reusable ice packs depending on how long you want to keep it cold. There are probably a million designs to choose from, but looking for a 2.0-bottle-sized case would narrow things down considerably. I don’t think I’ve used one since high school, unfortunately.

If you will definitely be drinking it, you could pour it in a vacuum flask of the appropriate size, ideally one with a drinking spout. The only drinking model I have experience with is this one:

It’s 24 fl oz, so much larger than you would need. I mostly use mine for water. There are approximately a million designs to choose from in a more appropriate size. Here’s a 16 fl oz size (one bottle of Soylent 2.0 is about 14 fl oz, which would leave room for ice if you desire):

I have no particular brand loyalty to Thermos, but the one I have still works great after two years. It’s actually advertised to keep things cold for 24 hours, but in my experience it’s more like 36-48 hours. So that’s something.

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Awesome, thanks @wezaleff. It would be nice to find one that I could put the entire bottle into, so I wouldn’t have to clean it afterward. Maybe the Yeti? But I’m going to do more searches for a little ice pack bag, maybe one designed for a single bottle of beer or something.


Not the answer you are looking for but, I’ve stopped refrigerating my Soylent 2.0 at all. I drink it at room temperature. That would be the easiest option if you could make it work.


Any vacuumed sealed insulated thermos type container, like the ones posted above, will keep whatever you put in them cold/hot for about 12 hours easy. They do work, as long as they don’t get damaged.

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Thanks, good tip.

I drank one bottle of 2.0 yesterday and have been farting all day. :frowning: Fingers crossed they’re eventually able to create a gas free algae protein that tastes good.

People fart, just “own” it and get on with your day! :blush:


I’m sure I read about someone who would freeze their 2.0, and by lunch it was thawed but still cold? I’d love to know if there’s someone who’s been doing that regularly, with no issues with the bottle bursting or cracking in the freezer.

The old-fashioned can cozies (the kind made out of the 3/8" thick foam) will keep a bottle chilled for a couple of hours. If freezing works, I bet that would extend the chill to 8 hours or more. The thick foam ones can be tricky to find, but right now Michael’s has them in their craft foam section – other craft stores probably sell them as well.


Maybe, but different people’s digestive systems are different, innit? Gut bacteria and all that? I get gassy after drinking coffee. Loads of people, I’m sure, don’t.