Contaminants in Soylent

Mixed up my afternoon Soylent and found a surprise today - some brownish papery substance was floating around in it! I use an immersion blender so it’s hard to tell exactly what it is by what’s left of the pieces… but definitely not Soylent. Kind of looks like soggy butcher paper, or maybe a piece of thin cardboard. My guess is some packaging from an ingredient made it into the batch? I love Soylent, but this sketches me out a bit.

The pouch lot number stamp is: L5049.

Oh boy, this is the second complaint. I’ll tag @Conor

Not an apple sticker, eh? Cardboard seems like something that could easily find its way into Soylent, though…did you contact RL about it?


Like a piece of a 50 lb. kraft paper bag?

Yep, seems like kraft paper! Couldn’t think of the word~

I didn’t contact RL; just posted here. Not a major issue as it’s not anything terribly weird, but I like to eat food and not packaging materials, even if they’re both ground into powder :slight_smile:

I have made operation aware of this, could you also email so our customer service team can talk to you.

Sounds good, will do!

Could you also email me a picture of the bag in question? With the paper you found?

I will be more interested in contaminants found when they were found in unmixed powder. Once they are found in a pitcher, I wonder if they somehow fell into the pitcher before the Soylent even got there. I know that if there is cardboard in Soylent I am mixing, I am likely to find it well before I start blending, while I am pouring it into the blender.

Yeah, there’s no kraft paper in my apartment; this came from the Soylent bag. I wasn’t expecting anything strange in the powder so I wasn’t paying attention while pouring it in, but definitely will be doing so in the future.