Contest - Best Tasting DIY soylent


I just finished up a week long chili cook off in Houston, Texas. It got me thinking there may be interest here to have a competition for the best tasting DIY soylent. Each contestant submits 2,000 kcal with their diy recipe. The rules could be simple:

  1. must be 100% complete and ‘in the green’ (not exceeding daily limits) perhaps based on Based on U.S. government DRI, male 19-50, 2000 calories ( )
  2. maybe a max score of 10 points under each category (taste, texture, cost, separation/settling time, recipe nutrition accuracy, etc.)

The top 5 finalists will have their recipe faithfully recreated using the provided recipe to determine the reproducibility and ultimately given a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

If there is interest, I spoke with my neighbor friends all 20ish of them would be interested in being a tasting judge. They are non-soylent drinkers and I believe could give an unbiased opinion. For them its a good reason for a dinner party. I’ll take pics and post them on the web somewhere.

Dry powders could have the oils mixed in and be shipped cheaply; I can provide the water, 2% milk, whole milk, etc.

Thoughts anyone? Would anyone ship their soylent to Texas and get top honors. Maybe @nickp would be willing to put the winners on the front page of his site.


I think it’s a great idea :smile:

Would be more than happy to post the winners on the DIY site. Are you sure your neighbors are happy to drink powder mailed in by random people from across the country / world? :wink:

Maybe one day there’ll be a SoylentCon where people can do this in person…


This would be awesome.


I’ll send a package of unmarked powder. :slight_smile: I haven’t tried anyone else’s recipe, but I am enjoying mine.

A word of caution on recipes using cinnamon though, when I first added it to my mix it was overbearing. By the end of the first day it was just a background flavor, and now I know it’s there, but it’s not predominant. So for someone not used to cinnamon, probably including the neighbors you mentioned, they may not enjoy those recipes without some time to adjust.


@nickp : They didn’t think it was any different than being a judge at a chili cook off with hundreds of unknown chili bowls to taste, there are quite a few that are just unpleasant. I imagine they will not be tasting more than a shot glass full of each soylent submitted.

@kennufs : Good point about the cinnamon, but if I am looking for a great steak, its the first bite that matters. Perhaps reduce the cinnamon amount for the contest or take a chance there are cinnamon lovers in the mix!

I’ll also make sure the judges are aware of the ingredients so they can watch for allergies.

Looks like their may be interest brewing and potentially 3 submissions so far. If we get 10 people willing, we have a real contest happening and we can figure out the logistics! If we get 100, we have a SoylentCon !

I don’t suppose there is much harm in posting my physical address on the forum for a little while

Any and all ideas are welcome. Besides the unbelievable notoriety and prestige that comes with winning this contest :smiley: I’ll work on some prize ideas too.


@cohron, I do see a couple of things to consider when choosing what will constitute a complete recipe.

The macro nutrient ratio of carb/protein/fat, for which the USDRI has a ratio of 50/20/30. Many of the DIY recipes are designed to meet a specific ratio, and to get those to meet up with a set ratio like the USDRI would fundamentally change the recipes. The keto recipes would be excluded entirely, as would the low fat recipes, and even for something like mine with a ratio of 40/20/40 the macro changes may throw some of the micros out of balance.

Also, with regard to fats, specifically PUFA, many recipes are trying to balance Omega 6 to Omega 3, and they do not belive the current USDRI recommendations are in line with more recent research. Adjusting these could also cause an issue with micro nutrients in some of the recipes.

I would recommend you consider using something like the USDRI, etc to insure that everything is in the green for the micros, but i think the macros vary to much throughout the recipes.


This sounds like an excellent idea! Need some Canadian competition in there too :wink: haha.


I like the idea. A couple thoughts:

Echoing kennufs, the macro breakdown is a big deal and a HUGE part of the taste. For example I get nearly 2/3 of my calories from fats (half and half and coconut milk make for a deliciously creamy concoction).

Also, what about two or three part recipes? I have a post-workout mix and a meal mix which I eat separately and taste very different (haven’t tried them mixed though, maybe it’s pretty good?).

When and where can I send you my mix!?


Great point about the macros, we can just look at the micros. My thought was to not have someone enter a chocolate milkshake with whip cream and a cherry on top and call it soylent. or an incomplete nutritional meal.

I think the first contest, we should try to get as many entries as possible. Later on, if it takes, we have categories like cooked soylent.


You should definitely represent Canada !!


Shipping instructions for contest.

John Cohron
Attn: Soylent Contest
20630 Sundance Springs Lane
Spring, TX 77379

Please include a print of your recipe and any special preparation instructions. The deadline to receive soylent is April 11th. (Let me know if that is not long enough for overseas shipping).

Thanks and good luck to all.



So recipes that have a multivitamin taken separately will obviously have a clear advantage over those with vitamins blended in. Will you allow these recipes to compete in the contest?


The winner will be whoever can make their soylent taste like an amazing bowl of chili —and they’ll deserve it.


I actually might be able to pull that one off. But it wouldn’t come with simple instructions.

What about mailing pre-baked soylent instead of the usual liquid shake?


@unsynchronized - I think in the spirit of participation and this being the very first contest we allow everyone to compete. Perhaps we crush the multivitamin into a powder and add to mix if we think it significantly alters flavor. If we get enough entries or perhaps in the future, we can have categories such as a ‘No Pills’, Baked Soylent, etc. categories.

The pre-baked recipes I’ve seen have added a cup of sugar and other ingredients, as long as it adds up to a 100% nutritional meal, I think that would be fine. I can work an oven and cook them as directed.

Ship what you have and we’ll find a fun way to judge it.


Can you list the ingredients which you will provide? (eg oils, milk, etc)
Follow-up: should I send you a can of coconut milk?

Last one for you: I do a protein shake separate from the main thing. It’s not a complete meal without that protein, separate ok?


I’ll provide milk (please specify whole, 2%, skim, etc.), water. I’ll pick up a can of coconut milk, fresh out in the pantry. Oils mix pretty well in the powder, so everyone should plan to include that in the powder.

Separate may be ok but wouldn’t combining the shake with the main thing be a complete meal. That would be a more fair comparison with the other submissions. Or average the two ‘votes’ to get a single number which could lower the overall score.

Let me know if I need to provide anything else. Milk, water, even coconut milk cost are minimal and don’t mind picking up at the store.


How did it go? Many entries ? Have not seen a thing on here about it.


Zero entries came in. Sorry I thought we might have something going. Maybe we can try again later.


Sorry. baby came the 9th, so i’ve been rather busy…