Contrariness and evidence


So I made a post regarding statements in another post re: evidence, beliefs, and the scientific impossibility of proving non-existence. I attempted to be non-inflammatory without being overly dry, but I guess I was not successful.

It was flagged as off-topic. I suppose it’s not directly related to Soylent, nutrition, etc, so that’s fair.

I’m surprised, but sorry, that some of you found it so problematic as to flag it.

I’ve gotten rid of the contents. I’d just as soon delete the thread, but I don’t seem to be finding the option.


There are plenty of websites to discuss this topic. Soylent is not one of them. It was closed for a reason. I suggest this one be closed as well.


Oh for goodness sake. You couldnt just keep scrolling? Did this thread hurt you or anyone else in any way?


I’ve already flagged it. This is not the place for this kind of discussion.


This site has already gotten lots of negative posts. This topic has nothing to do with soylent. Might as well start discussing politics…


This thread beats the hell out of another whining thread.


Eh, I think it is a clarification of terminology that deserved to have been made in the other thread before it got locked, indeed I almost wrote a very similar post myself. I hope that @user reads it. There is a little bit of inflammatory language part way through @MentalNomad’s post that doesn’t necessarily need to be there, but the overall point is not one that ought to incite a flame war.

I vote moderators should unhide the original post, but lock the thread nonetheless. If people then wish to take the discussion to Private Message, they are free to do so.

@user, if you look in the edit history of the original post in this thread, you can read it’s contents from before it was edited. (click the red pencil icon with the number beside it that is right-side-aligned at the top of the post next to the timestamp)


The only part that I thought was inflammatory was the phrasing of “rational starting point for a mature adult”,


Thanks, but at this point, I’d rather just let it drop.

It served some purpose in the greater discussion of belief/evidence/scientific method, but the terminology in question didn’t pertain to nutrition or the business of Soylent, so I’ll reluctantly agree it’s “off topic.”

It may feel a little draconian, but it will serve to keep these forums very focused.


Ah. I was accidentally redundant… I was trying to exclude children from the statement, didn’t even realize the redundancy or the possible implication of immature adults.


Thanks for the note - I appreciate it.


Agreed. Multiple flags and PM’s on this. The Soylent Forum is to discuss any/everything related to Soylent.

This topic does not meet that criteria.