Convenience, Packaging, and Flavors

I would like to see a Coffee/Mocha flavored soylent. Then I would drink it for a fast breakfast every morning. I have been drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast with skim milk for years. I would like to see Soylent in a single serving packet where you just add water. I could also handle Strawberry and Chocolate, and yes maybe real vanilla, maybe for lunch or dinner.

Soylent is supposed to be about convenience. I am willing to pay packaging costs for single servings. I don’t want to add my own flavoring. Just grab and go. I also think the Soylent bottle packaging is too stark! There’s already a plastic overwrap, which could easily be printed with the logo and some other info. If Soylent is ever going mainstream, it has to taste better and be more visually appealing. Oddly enough, the Soylent bottle cap looks very heavy duty and expensive, while the bottle gets dented just by looking at it the wrong way.

I would also suggest a Soylent Light, with maybe half the calories.

Well Mr. Trad, other than spelling Plebeian incorrectly, that is exactly who Soylent was designed for–those who wish to save time and money with an alternative food source. Perhaps that is the reason for the extremely plain design. And I’m glad you like the flavor, but based on the number of discussions regarding additives and what to mixt Soylent with, I would say you are in the minority. However, to each his own of course!

I also enjoy the “plain” flavor of Soylent. I would be very ok if they started offering flavor options as long as they still offered the “plain” flavor.


At first the plain Soylent was only OK for me, but as time goes on I like it more and more. I really look forward to the taste of it now!

But I am surprised that Soylent hasn’t come up with pre-flavored mixes already. It would be so easy for them to do, and I think it would broaden the appeal a lot.

As long as they keep the plain or normal Soylent. That way if the flavors aren’t to my liking I can keep flavoring the neutral to whatever I want.


My guess, and it is a guess, why Rosa Labs has not done this would be because added cost.

They seem to want to keep the cost down, and as a good side affect keep waste down.

For example; they have made their corrugated boxes smaller using less material and smaller dimensions, even if each box wholesales for .02223 cents, bringing it down to 0.021 is a savings.

They have eliminated the need for the oil bottle saving not only the cost of the bottle but the cost of the manufacturing process to fill the bottle, huge savings.

Perhaps its something they could add to the store eventually, some kind of flavoring concentrate that works well with Soylent that you can buy in addition to the plain powdered Soylent.

I suppose I am thinking about version 1.5 powder instead of liquid 2.0.

Already exists, here are the two we buy from:

I do not want to have to buy flavorings and add them myself.

That’s ridiculous. They are already printing ‘soylent’ in very small type on the bottle cover. How much could it cost to print a little more?

BTW, are you supposed to shake Soylent before drinking or not? It would be nice to know.

I’m not being critical, but If Soylent does not find a way to appeal to the mainstream, they will soon be history.

Drink half a bottle?

Your only option is to wait patiently.

You can shake it if you like.

It’s my understanding that Rosa Labs has already become profitable (as of last year, I think).


In fact, many foods that are not mainstream have not died out , and many non mainstream foods eventually become popular. I think the United States is the world capital of everyfood.

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Well, kinda partially, anyway…

Our goal at Soylent is to engineer nutritionally-complete food products that are optimized for modern consumers’ lifestyles and budgets. Above all, we want to make healthy nutrition easily attainable.

It’s 3 pronged: Nutrition, convenience, cost. All 3 of those things, together.

I’m sure that they will expand their product line, but that appears to be the foundation. And it’s a great one, IMHO. I hope they keep striving towards that ideal.

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