Cool cash for my weight loss soylenteers :)


Thanks to a post on r/keto I found two sites for those of us looking to lose weight, HealthyWager and
Dietbet, I signed up for both sites. I never knew this was a thing, it would have been nice to know about these about a hundred pounds ago, though I’m glad I found them now while I still have enough left to lose to make it worth while.

I tinkered around a lot with HealthyWager (timeline, weight and wager amounts) to figure out my best return, I was going to shoot for 6-9 months, but they would pay me the best at the 11 month mark. I’m looking to lose 70 lbs in 11 months, my bet is at $605 (paid at $55/mo) with a total return of $1,725 ($1,120 profit) so next Christmas will have a nice cash bonus. :slight_smile: I would recommend to anyone interested in this to play with the numbers, I was seeing anywhere from ~60%-185% returns offered, and it became apparent that my profit wouldn’t be allowed to exceed $1,120 (regardless of timeline/weight/wager), then it was just a matter of finding the cheapest/shortest wager to net the maximum profit.

I also signed up for one of the 4 week challenges at Dietbet. I think I’ll sign up for a new challenge every week or two for a while as I expect there to be a lot of dropouts from the resolution crowd. I expect these short challenges to net a bit better during this time of year. You can be in up to six games at a time (3 each of the 4 or 10 week).

Edit: It looks like HealthyWager gives credit for referrals, so I can get some extra cash for anyone that I send their way, but only if I meet my weight lose goal. I’ve changed the above link to use my referral code, if you prefer not to use it just google them, though I would sure appriciate it if you’d send the credit to my account. :slight_smile:


Good thing you’re using the “Cheat Code:smile:


Yup. :wink:

Considering I’ve done as much this past year without the code (for the first 10 months anyway), I don’t expect any issues with hitting my goal. I expect my losses to slow when I get near my goal weight, but it should still be an easy enough go.

Plus, to be fair to everyone I really should replenish my standard glycogen level before the first weigh in, that had always been my natural state after all, with exception to the last couple of months. Which will of course be beneficial to meeting my goals in the end.


My city does a weight loss competition that starts January 21 and gives prizes to people losing the highest percentage of body weight over 12 weeks. Depending on how many people are doing it, it’s had prizes in the past that were $200 - $400 for losing around 10% body weight.

Anyhow: I’m thinking of “replenish my standard glycogen levels” before the first weigh in too =)


Too bad that conversion from fat to muscle results in an increase in weight. I dropped a couple inches and increased lean muscle by 10% thanks to Soylent and my weight stayed roughly the same. Watch out for that with your calculations. :wink: