Copper Purchase


let me just start by saying I love that this exists and I love the philosophy of the company. a co-worker and I were actually saying a few weeks ago “man I wish there was a drink I could make that would sustain you, so I wouldn’t have to, you know deal with food” and viola! someone mentioned soylent and I am more than ecstatic, although I would love to get input from users. my curiosity lies in the reasoning for the copper content in 1.4. being a bicycle mechanic and not a chemist, when I think copper my mind immediately goes to anti-seize, there is obviously a legitimized reason for it and if a more active user could elaborate on its use in the body that would be awesome.
Also im wondering if there are plans for a smaller one time purchase quantity? I would love to be able buy a few days and not an entire week to try the product out.
lastly I know its been mentioned that if you plan on switching to a mostly soylent diet (this I plan on doing If I try it and love it) a taper is recommended, has there been any study done or any bulk data available on what kind of time frame that might consist of?


LPI has a lot of great info.


thanks for the link!