Costco shake vs soylent?

OK, I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to nutrition. I’ve seen some comparisons between Soylent and Ensure and several other meal replacement plans. I’ve been unable to find someone who gives a pro/con to Costco’s Kirkland Signiture - Complete Nutrition Shake.
I found a like to their nutrants (cause I’m to lazy to type the ingrediant list) here:

Of not that I see, they have a decent amount of protean and dietary fiber. I’m not sure if they have too much nutrients for a complete replacement though. Cost wise is amazing, 2070 cal for about 7 bucks.

I need help on this folks, I’m completely clueless in this.

Looks like it contains quite a bit more sugar.

Low in protein, high in simple sugars, low in calories, low in fiber, low in overall nutritional profile. Seems like it’s not even as good as Ensure or Nutrament or the like. Would probably spike your blood sugar levels and make you feel lethargic if you had 3 of those to replace a full 650 calorie meal.

It’s cheaper than Ensure but you really aren’t getting much for the price. Soylent is slightly higher in cost but much more nutritious.


I agree. By comparison the nutrition content of the COSTCO shake is quite crappy.

what about cutting this stuff with Soylent 1.5? Say 1200kcal of Soylent with 690kcal Costco stuff for a day’s supply. It’s still gotta be better than packaged noodles. Plus it keeps the cost to 2.60 a meal.