Could you add more packaging to my order?

My single order of 36 bottles comes in 4 boxes. A box inside of a box. Ridiculous!

Whenever I show someone Soylent, the first thing they do is look at the bottle and spin it. Nothing! I then explain that all that important information is filling my recycling bin. Give someone a bottle and they don’t know what they are getting.

I generally consume 2 bottles every 1-2 days. Currently, empty bottles are filling my work vehicle. How long does it stay good for after opening?

My preferences:
Put the information on the bottle and get rid of the inside box. Cost less and more informed potential customers?

Have 12, 24, 36 and 48 sized boxes. Invest in a machine to load boxes and save shipping cost. Lower end cost and happier customers?

Increase the size of the bottle 2 to 3 times. Not sure on this one since I have never saved a ½ a bottle for later.

Sound like you have not gotten the new bottles then.
The squircle bottles have awesome labels.


I would call them “informative, but much less awesome” labels. I really liked the look of the old minimalist labels.

But you are right, this addresses Dave_S’s issue with the nutrition info being in his recycling bin.

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The big box cuts down on shipping costs. The 12 pack boxes are packed at the factory so that’s not really adjustable.


I’m glad the 12-bottle boxes aren’t really adjustable, because that’s about all I can carry comfortably at one time. I basically have to roll the shipping box into my house (raised threshhold for the lose), and open it up in the entryway. But the smaller boxes are easy to carry to the fridge and transport to work – and my work mini-fridge holds just over 12 bottles.