Countdown to delivery - contest!


In 11 days it will be 12 weeks since my order. I just re-read the email and insured my billing info etc is current.

Are we taking bets on if it will arrive on time? Let’s start a pool. :). Whoever is closest, I will ship you a day’s worth as a prize. (If outside the US you pay shipping.). Fair enough?

Cancel Order or Try?

Hah… we have plenty of Soylent at the moment so I would defer the prize to someone else, but just for fun…

I say you’ll receive shipping notification within 6 days. I don’t know where you’re located so I can’t really guess as to when you will physically take possession of the Soylent. But 6 days to shipping is my guess.


I am in southwest Michigan. :slight_smile:


OK soooo… if it takes maybe 2 days to reach me in California… maybe 3 more days to Michigan? So that would put things at 11 days to receive Soylent. Right smack on time. :wink:


I’ll guess 18 days then =)


My money’s on zombies over running the shipping facility and nobody gets any.


The day before thanksgiving…


wouldn’t be at all surprised if your order doesn’t arrive til like January 2015


Warning: wild assumptions abound!

It took them two weeks to ship a month’s worth of 1-month backer orders – orders from mid-May to mid-June 2013 (recall, they took a two-week hiatus). So they have ~11 months of 1-month backer orders to go, which means ~5 months. Then 3-week orders, which is 3/4 of 1-month orders, so ~4 months. Then 2-weekers is ~2.5 months. Then finally 1-weekers in about a month.

Totaling those up, we have – and this is very approximate here – 13 months.

So with the above empirical evidence, I’ll toss in a bet that you’ll get your Soylent in August, 2015.


I’m going to go with December 23. Just in time for Christmas! (2014)


I am a monthly subscription non backer, if that helps any.


i mean, unless they lied about shipping to backers first, i honestly don’t see you getting your order for months. they are still on 4 week orders from early june 2013, then have to ship all 4 week orders up until like may 2014, then go back to may 2013 and ship all 3 weeks… then 2 weeks… then 1 week orders. unless they drastically raise how much they have been shipping, new orders won’t be getting there supply for a very long time, sadly.


Blog update before the delay…

Orders placed before 5/6: Currently shipping orders for 1 month of Soylent.
Orders placed after 5/6: Shipping in 10-12 weeks from order date.

I ordered on 5/8. So 10-12 weeks with a 2 week delay? Better pick your date! :slight_smile:


i wish i shared your optimism, good sir. but since you are fairly new here, you don’t understand how those updates mean absolutely nothing. i could go find an update saying i was supposed to get my order in like october 2013, we all know how that turned out. as i said, unless they drastically boost their shipping, you’ll be waiting for a few months. i stand by my original date selection :smile:


Fairly new I suppose, at 3 months, but a voracious reader so I know all the drama. I just don’t have any problem believing that things happen as they should. And if they don’t I’m not terribly fussed about it. Life is short, so I prefer to be cheerful, and DIY is plentiful and cheap.

So, for any future replies (repliers?) who are all grouchy about this, don’t really need to feel obligated to “educate” me. I understand. This thread is for what we used to call having fun!

Also, not that it particularly matters, but I am female. :wink:


we’ll see if you stay that way after a year of waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah, DIY is pretty good. i’ve been using 100% FOOD. but back on topic, my contest entry is Jan 1st 2015


What if I were to tell you there is no Soylent, that this was all one big social experiment by nefarious ne’er do wells intent to prove the gullibility of a specific faction of people within the group known as homo sapiens?
I’m so grateful to my spousal unit who talked me off the ledge and kept me from throwing away all of our food when I ordered my first month’s worth back in the fall of '13.
If I had gone on the wide-eyed optimism of those halcyon days, I would not be here now to tell you this tale…

July 05, 2015 is my guess.


I dont think about it, I just know that it will arrive in exactly 9 days, 6 hours and 23.6 minutes.


Oh!! That very much changes things then. My previous estimation is pretty much out the window in that case. I’ve no idea… all bets are off. LOL


I’m a backer - and I just got mine!
The scoop and bottle came the day before.

I’m having my first glass now.