Countdown to delivery - contest!


You updated the I hope :wink:


yea… totally.

/me quietly creates profile and updates the suggested page.



@caross You ordered August 27th!! That’s a pretty big jump from the early June dates I was seeing last week. Suddenly, my Jan 2014 order doesn’t seem so out of reach.

My guess - August 21, 2014


My guess is arrival august 6th 2014.


January 18th, 2015.

It’s a little ambitious to think that they’ll get all the rest of the backers and preorders shipped out in 8 months, but that’s what I’m going with.

I ordered 2 weeks within hours of the crowdfunding launching, so I might get mine before Christmas.


September 12th. Going all of August without another delay seems improbable.


yea, I was an early backer.
I honestly did not come here until I got the packages of Soylent. So, now I’m here! :smile:


My guess is October 11th.

:slight_smile: tee hee hee



LOL… I look at that picture and all I hear is “Exxxcccccelllllent…”


I’ll toss in my vote for shipping on 8/5, delivery on 8/9.

Since I already have Soylent, I’ll ask that you give my prize away to another.


I can tell you that I live in Connecticut (south west) and it took 7 days to ship. So I would imagine the Southwest Michigan will take 5-6 days to ship.

So I will say your Soylent will arrive on Aug 6th.


I have about the same amount of optimism as @ravenvii… So, I’ll go September 2015.


@JulioMiles (since he was not tagged) can assist you with that or if you have not done so already, you can email with the title “Refund Order” or “Cancel Order” to request that refund.


@wheresmysoylent you have in my book officially the coolest username in this community :stuck_out_tongue:


Nooo, me along with the other August(etc) guesses just lost our chances of winning. Good luck to everyone else!


FYI, just got the following email from

Thank you again for ordering Soylent, the new way to easily eat a nutritionallycomplete meal.

Based on early customer feedback, we paused production (now resumed) to make some changes to our packaging to make it even easier to integrate Soylent into your life. This unfortunately caused a delay in production, which pushed your order back by up to an additional 8 to 10 weeks (beyond the 10 to 12 weeks lead time we anticipated when you first purchased).

We apologize for the delay and truly appreciate your patience as we bring this efficient approach to food to our customers. We are confident your Soylent experience will be worth the wait.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Note: If you originally bought Soylent during our crowdfunding phase (prior to 05/06/14), we will fill that order first and consider any purchases you made on our website to be reorders. Any reorders will ship within 1-2 weeks after you receive your crowdfunding order.


Spoiler alert related to shipping timelines!


I received the same email.


I’m glad you approve. It was in the wake of one of the numerous delays that they didn’t communicate about until after the delay had happened, and I lost my temper and made the account. Not my best moment… even more disappointing now that it seems that Soylent 1.0 doesn’t agree with my body at all. Oh well…