Countering food combining theorists


if you enter the words “food combining” into google, you get a number of pages about the somewhat controversial subject of food combining. in essence there are some people who believe that the human digestive system can’t process everything we eat simultaneously. I am not saying i subscribe to this theory, however it would seem that soylent basically throws that out the window and puts it all into one liquid slurry.
i’d be curious to know what members have to say on this subject.


I’ve googled it. Just when I thought I had seen every shady corner of the internet.

Mah head asploed.


That sounds like complete BS to me. If it were true, then the 99% of people who eat more than one thing in a meal would be having severe issues.


I agree @Mystify - and the fact that “the founders” and many multiple DIYers have reported better health by doing the opposite indicates it’s possibly not true. I did try eating that way for a while about 5 years ago. it made no discernible difference other than to be really annoyingly time consuming. it would take a very long time to consume a small amount of food, which i suspect was the main reason people might “lose weight” by using it. there are not enough hours in the day to eat properly and have a “normal life”. having said that, it’s possible that in the early stages of breaking down solid whole food, it’s possibly partially true. since Soylent or DIY-soylent skips that part, that could explain why it’s simultaneously true and false, if you catch my drift.


You will beautiful charts and articles for Food Combining Rules all over the Internet . But more and more these rules are being questioned , because of lack of scientific evidence . Some examples of skeptical articles questioning these food combining rules : =>

Our digestive tracts are clearly capable of complicated and interwoven digestive processes. If we are fully healthy, we have the right enzymes, digestive fluids (including bile and pancreatic fluid), intestinal bacteria, and muscle tone to digest not only the World’s Healthiest Foods but other foods as well. This marvelous combination of digestive abilities would suggest that we are designed, in principle, to consume many different kinds of foods either separately or in combination. However, our digestive tracts—like the rest of our body systems—are also biochemically individual. We have our own unique approach to digestion, in the same way that we have our own unique fingerprint. From this standpoint of biochemical individuality, it would make sense to me that different individuals might truly benefit from different approaches to food combining—including approaches that may not even have been listed in any of the examples described above. =>

While I do not believe that food combining theory need be flawlessly adhered to by everyone, there are particular circumstances when it can be particularly useful. I generally recommend that individuals think about applying its principles in the evening, when digestive capacity is believed to be at a bit of a low point. My experience is that food combining almost always offers very significant relief to individuals suffering from indigestion and/or heartburn. In certain circumstances, I reckon keeping protein and starch apart at meals can be a winning combination.

More reading can be found on :

Since reading books from 2 French professional nutritionists ( one of them is Eric DARCHE , the other one escapes my memory ) , I no longer separate starches and protein anymore . They claim eating protein and starches at the same meal is more nourishing to your cells , and to separate starches and protein for young growing children is dangerous and leading to some cases of severe malnourishment .

That being said , I still do take care not to make food combinations that are too difficult to digest . Example : adding lots (*) of oils or fat to other food , because such food combination ( food + lots of fat/oils ) will stay longer in the stomach . Works fine for me and digests quickly , having experimented with it : fats with a warm drink only ( and some lemon juice )

(*) a little oils or fats is better for absorption , just some :