Cracked Blender bottle lids

I have bought 6 Blender bottles over the past couple of months doing my own DIY I have used 2 a day and wash them out by hand because of the oil I use with my drink. Last night I was preparing my next days drinks when I found it leaking while I shook it up. I found that it had cracked most of the way around the lid. I grabbed another lid and found it was cracked as well so I checked them all and 3 in total are cracked. I have emailed Blender bottle and did some looking around and there are people who have this issue but I am wondering if I should look at some other brand even though I love this particular one. This post is to also warn people to keep an eye out for this issue.

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I know someone who had the same issue and it was to be believed that he just tightened the lid too hard every time. Overtime, the lid became stressed and cracked. He didn’t seem to have the issue when he just tightened the lid just enough. This is just one experience though.

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Replacement parts can be found here.

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I have two of them and the lid cracked on one of them. I’m guessing it was from over tightening.
Strange thing is when I put Soylent in it it didn’t leak out. I could shake it up with no problem. But if I put water in it and shook it the water would leak out quite a bit. Must be the viscosity.

I started on 2.0 so not a problem anymore.


yea I do tend to tighten the lids a bit tight. I am going to try to change that.

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Too tight you say?

Well isn’t that a PIA. All of mine have eventually cracked, I have a lot of torque in my hands and always thought the tighter, the better. Thought at first it was random rides in the dishwasher by my famiy.

Makes sense though because they all crack in the ridge all the way around the top :confused:

Spyder Bottles are awesome

This Spider bottle? What is that spring-thing inside?

Yeah I bought the bigger ones in black\blue…The spring thing is like a mixing ball…Kinda debatable if its any better at mixing but the bottle is tough, so far…

I’ve had a couple blender and indigo{sp} ones open on me in my work bag.

That started my search for something that sealed better.

I don’t use the extra containers\compartments for powder or anything just the bottle.

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What are you all doing to your blender bottles! I have 8, albeit I have only had them a year but none have cracked (knocks on wood.)

Man hands.

Man hands that have to type at least 20 characters.


No you don’t


I live with someone who perpetually puts a lid on and gives it a quarter turn. I learned to tighten lids when I was angry at having shaken something all over myself, so I can totally understand the torque thing. Hulk Angry. Hulk Smash.