Cracked bottles

In the last box of my most receipt shipment of Soylent drink original, I have discovered one of my bottles has a hairline crack right around the neck, and had been leaking into the label wrapping. Unfortunately, I had been travelling earlier this week and discovered one of the bottles I had with me had a similar leakage of Soylent under the label, but the seal appeared intact, so I just assumed it was perhaps some accidental spillage, and I consumed the bottle as I was on the road and didn’t have time to investigate further.

Later that night, I was vomitously ill, and at the time I had no clear explanation. But today, I was about to have a bottle and noticed the same leakage as the bottle I consumed the other night, and being home, I did some more sleuthing. This is when I discovered that when I pressed on the bottle, there’s a hairline crack about an inch long running right along the top of the bottle.

Not writing to complain about this, but to provide notice to others who may find themselves in a similar situation. My guess is with the recent extreme cold in the north east, a few bottles must have frozen, and as such expanded and broke the bottle neck. So I guess, as a warning for those on Soylent drink at this time of year, squeeze your bottles.

To Soylent, I’d suggest some way of adjusting your shipping for the more northern areas to avoid this kind of thing from happening. Obviously not impossible to avoid every situation, but it seems to me there’s an opportunity here, especially with you guys moving back into Canada. It’s even colder up there.


Follow up on this, I was just breaking down boxes, and I believe I have discovered what led to my bottles cracking. The inner box that had the 2 broken bottles appears to have an indentation in the top of it, looks like maybe a forklift fork or a 2x4 from a wooden skid or something, and given that this is on the inner box and was not evident on the outer box it was shipped in, leads me to believe this may have occurred at the Soylent warehouse.

Again, not a complaint, just wanting to bring this to your guys’ attention to prevent other people from having this happen to them. Pictures for reference:

I just got my newest shipment today, and am happy to say all 96 bottles are in good shape.

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