Cracked lips, Seems to get worse daily

I’m experience severe cracked lips 2 months into drinking 2.0. I can drink a gallon of water and apply Burts Bees lip balm or petroleum jelly on my lips prior to going to bed and my lips are visibly cracked when I wake up… It seems to get worse by the day. It feels like my lips are depleted of all it’s moisture or like my lips are pursed. THIS IS NOW A CONCERN. I say this because prior to drinking Soylent this was never not the case. Winter is here however this has NEVER EVER happened before. My urine is never dark always the color of straw and it terms of thirst; again I hydrate myself everyday. Stool color is always on the light side with no signs of constipation. I researched every vitamin and nutrient in Soylent including Riboflavin and found some actually are supposed to defend against what appears to be dehydration.

I reviewed another thread about cracked lips and it amounted to no useful information

Honestly you should probably talk to your doctor if you are seeking medical advice.

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I plan to. However I recently went for a check up and everything was fine. I just wanted to know if anyone encountered the same issues; which apparently some have. In fact; you chimed in on one of my post regarding Vitamin E alpha-tocopherol vs dl alpha-tocopherol, synthetic vs natural.

To be clear, I’m not a doctor or medical professional of any type.

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There are plenty of us here that have a pretty good understanding of how the body works and such… but whenever you have a specific health problem, the best choice is a doctor, we can’t see your problem directly, do tests or anything like that… and most of us are far from experts. If there was a wide spread issue related to all or many Soylent users, we could chime in, but this doesn’t seem to be such an issue. Unless your doctor can do a test to show otherwise


That being said, if something related to diet affected dry lips, it could be anything be something like salt as my first suggestion. Or something like these vitamins

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Thanks. I’m going to another doctor for a second opinion… It’s just odd this would occur almost 3 months of Soylent consumption. I’m drink 3 -14 oz bottles and consume a normal meal thereafter… Normally steamed chicken and mixed veggies.

Thanks again for the input on this thread…Most appreciated.

One thing I’ve heard, but never from a doctor so it may be bullshit, is that you shouldn’t use lip balm on a long term basis. If your lips get covered with chapstick or burt’s bees or whatever every day, then they don’t self-lubricate any more and end up chapped all the time. You should use lip balms for a day or two after incidents that dry your lips out (too much sun, really cold weather, outdoors in heavy wind, whatever), but after a few days stop using them so your lips can get back to their normal cycle.

Anyway, worth a try. Stop using lip balm. Don’t lick your lips or anything else, just let them be “normal.” It may get worse for a few days, then it might get back to normal. Or maybe what I was told is all an urban myth…just trying to give an idea.


Lip balm and the like is to protect against the elements, not to cure, fix, or bring back moisture to dry/cracked/chapped lips. Lip balm holds in the moisture your lips have, while protecting your lips from the elements. Its winter time here in the U.S. the air is super dry which can lead to chapped/cracked lips.

As a user of Soylent and other meal replacement products (Joylent) as my main source of calories I have not had any issues with cracked or chapped lips.


This happens to me too!
Within 1-2 weeks of consuming only 1 soylent a day my lips always start to get a somewhat chapped! I’ve been struggling to figure out why. I’ve had little success with lip balm, but something I was doing back in college occasionally seemed to make it somewhat better. I might have to try experimenting now that I’m drinking 2.0 regularly again

What were you doing occasionally in college? :grin:

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I don’t know, back in college it seemed to get better sometimes and then gon back to being bad, but when I went home it stayed bad, and now that I’m out at a job it seems to be staying bad. I’m going to have to try and dig into what might have been helping and experiment more. I’ve been trying to keep a little track of how long I spend outside/inside, inside temperature, and water drinking but I’m not sure any of those are tied to it.

Now that you mention it, I know some lip balms have sunscreen to help protect from the Sun. You can tell which products have sunscreen by an SPF rating on the package, at least in the US.

I have naturally dry skin that hasn’t cleared up with Soylent, so I’m gonna try supplementing with L-Lysine, as there’s evidence that Lysine deficiency can cause skin issues as it’s used in the production of collagen and elastin

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I’d say you are simply getting older. It may be like this from now on. :fearful:
Maybe try a humidifier if you have not.

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