Cracked Lips - Soylent 1.5 doesn't have enough riboflavin?

I fairly certain that my lips have been dying much more than usual since 1.5. I know it has been more than 3 months now but I kept ignoring it and was sure I just wasn’t keeping hydrated enough. Nada, this month I topped up and made sure I was drinking at least a liter of water a day in addition to soylent. Did nothing. Lips still crack and peel each day.

I still eat human food, though I’m something like a 90% Soylent user. Has anyone had similar experiences or can they recommend any supplements? From this I did find that cracked lips is symptomatic of riboflavin deficiency.

And then to my shock I found that this humble food (a food I love and always assumed was nutritionally useless) is an excellent source of riboflavin. So I’m going to load up on crimini mushrooms (like, eat them like chips dailly) in the coming month and see how that changes things and then report back.

Till then, any input or shared experience is appreciated


One bag (2000 calories) of Soylent 1.5 has 100% of your daily value of riboflavin. Actually slightly more: according to the spreadsheet, the vitamin blend contains 1.86 mg and the oat flour contains 0.09 mg, for a grand total of 1.95 mg, while the DV is only 1.7 mg.

I use petroleum jelly on my lips, which keeps them from drying out (especially in winter!).


Yeah, my first question was going to be whether it had got colder/windier where you live whilst you’ve been on Soylent. Is winter coming?

He says winter is coming.


Are you drinking additional water with Soylent? Soylent alone does NOT have enough water, especially Soylent 2.0.

Oh if you don’t know, NEVER lick lips in dry winter air. It will dry your lips out. Strange, I know. I haven’t had any serious split lip ever I learned this.

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Damn. I learn the craziest life tips on this site. In another thread I posted about brushing my teeth and learnt squirting your teeth with a high powered nozzle is better than brushing and now I learnt that petrol on the lips is a good idea.

This site is so manly.

And yea, winter has arrived. I’m in Vancouver. And it has gotten substantially worse. Cant make it through the day without applying lip balm >5 times

Well, perhaps my metabolism is just funky and I need more riboflavin than the average. I might as well increase my intake of it because it is winter. Couldn’t hurt to try.


Got extremely busy in the last two weeks and forgot about this post. Lips have gotten much worse so I remembered posting this. I’m going to go all in with both the shrooms and the petroleum jelly. Wish me luck.

I just started soylent and I agree it has been drying out my lips. If I go a few days on regular food they heal up great but once I start back on the soylent they dry out soon after. No clue as to the exact cause.

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Interesting. I haven’t made 100% soylent transition but I wonder if we are missing something?

I remember at one point pre-soylent 1.0 had something missing, and it caused joint ache.

I’ve been on almost 100% Soylent for over a year and I’m not experiencing joint ache or chapped lips.

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It’s happening to me 2 months into drinking 2.0. I can drink a gallon of water and put Burts Bees lip balm on my lips prior to going to bed and my lips are visibly cracked… It seems to get worse by the day. It feels like my lips are depleted of all it’s moisture. THIS IS NOW A CONCERN. I say this because prior to drinking Soylent this was not the case. Winter is here however this has NEVER happened before. My urine is never dark always the color of straw and it terms of thirst; again I hydrate myself. Is something in Soylent causing this.


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I haven’t a clue, but Cornelius above mentions the problem in 2015 and last posted in 2016 without mentioning the problem, so it must have gone away.

As was suggested elsewhere, for medical problems there are doctors.



2 1/2 months consuming 3-14oz bottles of Soylent per day I would awake with severely chap lips.It appears to increase in intensity.I had no issues of this kind prior to consuming Soylent. It feels as if the moisture is being withdrawn from my lips. In an attempt to circumvent this I would consume larger amounts of water and apply petroleum jelly or some other lubricant to my lips… Nothing seems to help. So what I will do as an experiment is to cease consuming Soylent for a week or two to determine it Soylent is the cause. Prior to this I have no medical illness other than high cholesterol.

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Your experiment might give a false positive, since dry/cracked lips are seasonal normally, based on dry air… If you stop consuming Soylent now, and the air becomes less dry soon afterwards, you will just think it is because you stopped.

Correlation doesn’t mean causation.

Right now I have dry and cracked lips, but I have not had any Soylent for over a year.


I don’t think this is a problem with Soylent itself because we would be seeing WAY more cracked lip posts if it were. It could be your body’s reaction to Soylent or this could be yet another great Soylent coincidence. Try stopping your Soylent intake and see if it goes away.

You could try rubbing jojoba oil on your lips instead of a petroleum product. 1 drop a day should be more than enough. I know rubbing my beard oil on my dry cracked cuticles did wonders.

Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil for Hair, Skin or As Carrier Oil, 4 fl. oz.


Thank you. I will do just that. Your input is appreciated. To Tordenskjold. I never suffered from dry cracked lips before. Once live in Buffalo NY… Winters there are pretty severe and never encountered cracked nor chap lips…So regarding a false positive…I’m to sure about that…

I guess it depends what we classify as a “problem with Soylent”. It is possible that the current formula results in a small number of people getting dry lips when eating mostly-Soylent, and could be changed to avoid that.

But yeah, we did at least see more people on here complain about throwing up after food bars than we have complaining about dry lips.


Right… And I get that… Look… I love the product and love the taste of the original. In addition I gained muscle mass as a result of Soylent and quite frankly don’t want to discontinue consuming it. I actually have a few people in my office grabbing a few bottles from my stash daily and none complained about dry lips. So It might just be me. Perhaps the formula or one of the components don’t agree with me. This is why I said suspending the usage for a week just to evaluate might be best. … Honestly this stuff grows on you to the point where I crave it daily so this will be rough.

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