Crashing after my morning Soylent meal

I’ve been eating 99% Soylent 1.5 since last Wednesday (standard mixture with 3 scoops added whey protein per pitcher) and I have noticed that I get extremely tired after my first glass in the morning, for about an hour then all is fine.
I drink plenty of water, sleep around 7 hours per night, not craving solid food, energy and concentration seem fine throughout the day, no gas or bloating…just the tired feeling in the morning.

Anyone have this also???

I haven’t had the same problem but it sounds like it might be that your body isn’t used to the amount of fat and protein in Soylent and my take another week or two to finish adjusting.

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drink a lot of water as well you don’t get enough from drinking soylent so it helps you feel full. I do hear some people recommend a bit more salt if you feel queasy not too sure about this.

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I’m the same way. I’ll have Soylent for breakfast around 830 usually and then almost exactly 2 hours later every day I’m really tired.

Can also try smaller meals. Instead of 700 calories, take 500, or 400 each time until you finish a pitcher for that day. Also, I wonder if you are lactose intolerant or if you need 8 hrs sleep instead of 7.

Can also drink it more slowly.