Craving Saltiness


I’m just finishing up day 4 on official Soylent. All I have had is Soylent and water. But starting on day 2 and continuing through today, I’ve started craving saltiness.

So much so that this morning, I drank a glass of water with around 500 mg of table salt mixed in. That helped some, but I still crave something salty.

Any ideas? Could it be that I require more sodium than most? Or is it just a readjustment my body’s going through?


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Are you in a particularly warm
climate or sweat a lot via exercise?


This is very interesting, my gal has been noticing this as well, while I have not. Pre-Soylent she tended to sweat profusely when doing anything physical, and that has reduced A LOT, so I don’t know if that’s related or not. But the salty craving has definitely been going on for a little while. Kinda thought it was just her. LOL


I’ve been told that craving salt can be a sign of dehydration, as backwards as that sounds. Are you getting enough water or are you only getting what’s in your Soylent?


I live in Georgia so summers are hot and humid. And I do sweat a lot as well.


I’ve been drinking about one glass of water for each glass of Soylent. So I don’t think I’m dehydrated, but I’ll try upping it some more.


I’m having the opposite experience. Whenever I eat anything with salt, I find it unbearably salty.


Also, I find Soylent to be salty!


Taste buds are crazy things aren’t they? :smiley: I definitely find that everything is turned up. Salty stuff is REALLY salty, sweet is REALLY sweet, etc. But I haven’t found Soylent to be salty at all personally. Is your perception consistent regardless of factors like time of day, temperature of the Soylent, type of drinking vessel, etc.?


Interesting you should ask.I hadn’t even thought about how Soylent tastes different under different circumstances, but it does! For instance, I’m drinking my breakfast now in an 8oz tumblr. First one of the day. I’m getting a salty taste from it (and have previously, I just don’t recall time of day, temp, or vessel for those ones). However, at work yesterday when drinking from my new thermos, it was definitely sweeter. I even remember thinking how sweet it was!


Yep I’ve noticed the same, but have a hard time quantifying what’s going on. Could all just be in my head, or maybe tied to smells… who knows (nose?)!


How much “sodium” is in Official Soylent?


The general guideline out here for the field crews I work with is glass of electrolyte drink (Gatorade etc) for every 2 glasses of water. So @gilahacker might be right since a glass of soylent is comparable (lower sodium but higher potassium per glass than Gatorade). Of course they’re tromping around in the desert, so it’s probably somewhere between their 2:1 ratio and the 1:1 you’re doing now. Either way the extra water sounds like it’s worth a try before you go salting your soylent. (Though it does make me wonder if soylent pretzels are possible :stuck_out_tongue: )


It says 350mg per serving


Only 45% of the RDA. That probably explains it. I’ll go with adding extra water at first, and then start adding some non-iodized sodium chloride if that doesn’t work. Thanks @BriBy


Thanks! The U.S. Gov. RDI for my group is 1500 mg of sodium per day.[quote=“Trent, post:1, topic:13533”]
I drank a glass of water with around 500 mg of table salt mixed in

According to the DRI for my age group, Official Soylent falls 450 mg short on the amount of sodium I need per day. Since table salt contains 383 mg sodium per gram, I would need an additional 1.17 grams of table salt to meet my daily requirement once I’m drinking official Soylent. Your body may be smarter than you think! Thanks for the info.


Edit: Just noticed in another posting that 1 serving has 15% of RDA, so 3x is 45%.

I don’t have the official Soylent yet, but I seem to remember that 1 package = 3 servings.

Maybe @vanclute or @soylentnoise can straighten me out on the official Nutrition Facts since they have the real deal.

Edit: @BriBy’s post showed up after I posted and his post is probably more relevant… (Thanks @BriBy)


Yes, three servings a day. 350mg per serving, so 1050 per day.

I think having low sodium is a good thing as other folks may have to limit their sodium intake. Better to supplement than be over?


The soylent team went low on sodium, so it would be acceptable for people on sodium restricted diets. Contrary to popular belief sodium will not raise your blood pressure, unless you are in a small population of sodium sensitives. There is also some suggestive research that even the higher 2300 mg rda for the general population may be too low for some people. This is especially true if you are highly active and.or live in a hot climate, both of which cause sweating.

I plan to add some gatorade to offset the issue.