Cravings while ~90% Soylent

Having cravings while consuming mostly (~90% of caloric intake) Soylent isn’t uncommon, as I’ve discovered by web-searching “soylent cravings”. Sometimes cravings can be linked to a macro-nutrient or other deficiency. This made me wonder if there were clusters of cravings, either indicating extremely tempting food or a common deficiency. Before I go full data-scientist on this and try to get a community-wide survey going, I thought I would casually ask these forums.

As a mostly-Soylent consuming person, if you have cravings:

  1. What is the craving for?
  2. Does the craving occur at a specific time during the day?
  3. How often do these cravings occur?
  4. How have you tried to deal with these cravings?

What is the craving for?


Does the craving occur at a specific time during the day?

At night

How often do these cravings occur?

Every night

How have you tried to deal with these cravings?

Eat a small piece of havarti cheese with half a slice of bread in the morning.


Does “mostly” mean anything over 50% of caloric intake? I’m probably at somewhere around 70%+ but I’m not sure I could really label any of my desires for conventional food as “cravings”. More it will be that I’m going to sit down and watch a movie and want something to munch on while I do so, but there’s nothing specific that I just gotta have. My other half however gets extreme cravings for hot & spicy, usually satiated by a trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant or occasionally Jack in the Box. But frankly she had those cravings before Soylent too so I’m not so sure they’re linked.

Oh also she often just has to have a hot meal… and as we only drink Soylent cold, obviously that won’t do.

So uh, yeah… I guess I just kinda anti-answered your question. But hey… data!


I crave chocolate. But I’ve always craved chocolate, so no difference there.

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I’m probably 50+% Soylent, so I’ll answer. Pizza, no particular time, days to weeks apart, and I eat pizza pretty much whenever I get the chance. :yum:

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I am currently ramping up my Soylenting again after a period of lighter consumption, but answering for when I was averaging ~75% or so…:

  1. I generally craved certain qualities of foods more than I craved particular foods. I wanted food that was warm, solid, and/or in the savory/salty/sour range of flavors. Sometimes I also craved the crisp and crunchy texture of fresh vegetables. I tended to be more interested in warm junk when I had already consumed muggle food recently and more interested in crispy vegetables if I had made it several days on 90+% Soylent.

  2. Most often in the evening. It would be worse if my fiance cooked herself something that smelled good for dinner, but evening was primetime for cravings even with no food around me.

  3. It’s actually hard to remember, but I think almost every day. The more muggle food I had eaten lately the more likely I was to have cravings for further muggle food. I suspect it might be a gut flora thing.

  4. I would sometimes try to distract myself past the craving, and other times would allow myself a small snack. Kimchi was a favorite because it’s satisfying to eat but not too calorically dense, though too much of it and I’d poop like crazy. For a while I kept a few lean cuisines on hand in the freezer and would eat one of those. Sometimes Campbells soup, because even though it’s another liquid it would satisfy my desire for something warm and savory. Sometimes I would just take a few bites or a tiny portion of whatever my fiance cooked for dinner. Ironically, when I started Soylenting my fiance was forced to cook for herself more and as a result got much better at it, so her meals became harder to resist.


My first 3 answers are very similar to the OP.

  1. Pizza.

  2. At night/dinner time.

  3. Almost/probably every night.

  4. I eat a small solid food meal most nights, occasionally [homemade] pizza (I’m only 67% - 75% Soylent most days).

  1. Salty foods like chips.
  2. Afternoon or evening.
  3. Almost every day.
  4. Eat salty foods like chips for a snack in the evenings.

My cupboard has about 5 different varieties of chips at any given time now and I love indulging in my crunchy salty evening snack.

  1. I usually crave very specific things, sausage egg and cheese biscuit from Micky D’s is a big one. There is a place around where I work that makes loaded baked potatoes on Wednesdays, man when everyone goes it is hard to say no sometimes.
  2. Cravings are different times for different foods, a breakfast sandwich is obviously is a morning craving.
  3. They don’t occur as much as they used to. When I started this they happened almost daily, but as time went on my Soylent became routine and enjoyable. Now I would say maybe once or twice a month I get a craving for something “not on the list” like a burger. (burgers were always my #1 weakness)
  4. Early on I dealt with cravings by suppressing the thought as best as I could, and drinking water or tea. Now later in the journey, I am not as tied to the idea of I MUST have Soylent at every predetermined interval as I once was, and I do give in to cravings once in a while. But that is just me. I have found that it is OK for me at this point to cheat once in a while, as long as my routine stays the same for the vast majority of my meals. I know that I love the transformation in my lifestyle and I would do nothing long term that would jeopardize that.
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Im at 100% Soylent right now, and really only crave food, ANY food, when others eat around me.
I miss the social aspect the most, especially at work when eating together is one of the few ways to build camaraderie.

  1. Sometimes fruit but mostly nothing healthy.
  2. Evenings. I have no problems consuming Soylent from waking until about 3-4 pm. (Usually 3 servings and due for a 4th).
  3. Lately daily and especially on weekends.
  4. I’ve been skipping the 4th serving and giving into the craving lately. I’m trying to kick the habit and so went with the 4th serving today but ended up adding some blue diamond almond Nut-Thins with some sliced cheddar. Drinking water does help.

I’m 75% to 80% soylent.

  1. Sweets - mostly chocolate.
  2. In the last 30 to 45 minutes before a scheduled Soylent meal and evenings.
  3. Most days.
  4. I eat a few Dove Promises dark chocolate squares and drink unseeetened green tea.

While I do treat myself to the small amount of chocolate in the evening, I don’t really need to.

I’ve watched myself closely and determined that cravings are mostly a habitual response to an unfavorable mental state (e.g. boredom or stress).

If I simply drink some water and ignore them then turn my attention to something constructive I am amazed how often I will blow right past my next scheduled meal without even feeling hunger. This tells me it’s mostly in my head.

I have to remind myself often that my weight and blood work support my belief that I am getting enough calories (and nutrition) to satisfy the ideal BMR for someone of my gender, age, weight, height and activity level. Then I have to remind myself that food is psychoactive and I have used it to manage stress in the past. Lastly, I have to make a decision whether I want to give into these stress or boredom impulses or stay in control.

The cravings were worse when I was drinking fewer calories to lose weight (i.e. just slightly below my BMR). Now I’ve lost 45 lbs, and nudged up my caloric intake of Soylent to equal my BMR, and the cravings are less.

I’ll also say I remember the cravings were slightly less when I was drinking the powder four times a day than when I switched to 2.0 five times a day - despite the fact that I was consuming slightly fewer calories of the powder. The powder was thicker - like a milkshake, so maybe it “sticks to the ribs” a bit more.

I’m not sure how many calories you are drinking each day and whether this is enough for your ideal BMR based on your gender, age, height, weight, and activity level. If not, this could be a reason for the cravings. There are calculators online and you can always check with a doctor or nutrititionist. Just beware the nutritionist will probably freak out if you tell them you’re on Soylent.


My cravings are just for solid food.

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How has the 100% Soylent working for you? I may start it tomorrow.

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I’m 95% soylent and I crave things such as steamed mixed vegetables, apples, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, veggie patties, and crackers… These cravings are more pronounced at night and they occur almost everyday (unless I’m too tired to think about food and go to sleep haha) I just drink an extra serving of soylent to curb the cravings… After a second glass of soylent, i feel very full

I really want to try a soylent food bar! I hope they formulate another one in the future

I had cravings for a long time - just for any solid food, especially chips and salty snacks.

I’ve found that adding in 3g of insoluble fiber, and a bit of salt, into each bottle of 2.0 I drink makes it much more satisfying and also gets rid of my cravings.