Created a Powdered Food with only whole foods, looking for feedback!

Hi, as the title states, I created a powdered food company called ilixer. During law school, I found it increasingly hard to continue my routine meal prepping. I looked at some powdered food options available but I didn’t like not consuming fruits and vegetables. So I got the entrepreneurial itch and I created my own powdered food, ilixer. I wanted a convenient way to get all my nutrients but to also still get my recommend fruits and vegetables.

I’m looking for some help from the DIY community in these early stages.

I have attached ilixer’s nutrition label below and I’m wondering if you all would mind giving me some feedback on both the nutrition breakdown and the ingredients list. Your input is greatly appreciated!

My only comment: I exercise a lot and early on would lose strength if I ate too much soylent, but supplementing with whey fixed it, so it seems the plant proteins didn’t work for me. Once they switched to soy protein, that went away. I know some people are kind of anti-soy, but for me, it’s the only plant protein I’ll really trust, so I’d be more likely to try ilixer if you took out some of the pea and rice protein and swapped in soy.

All the same, it sounds like a great project. Good luck!

Too much organic. I am not going to support an industry that is unsustainable and inefficient. The only way food production is going to scale long term is if we figure out how to grow more food on less land, with less labor, which is the opposite of what organic does.

Also, it seems to me the people who need this the most are poor people with limited time and money, not wealthy people who can afford to buy healthy, prepared food. All organic almost certainly puts it out of the price range of those who need it the most.

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Also, I am curious how this handles for hypoglycemic people. I’ve come up with my own mostly whole food powdered mixes, and the problem I always run into is poor glycemic balance.

(On a side note, I was just looking through your ingredients. How is Stevia extract a whole food? And likewise, once you extracted the protein from a plant, that protein is also not a whole food any longer. I am questioning your understanding of the term “whole foods”, because you seem to be using it as a selling point when it is actually not true at all.)

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