Creatine in soylent

I wanted to know if there is any creatine in soylent and would it be suggestible to add some?


I’m pretty sure I recall that Rob himself was adding creatine to his own Soylent at one point.

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I’ve added it.


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No amount in the official 1.5 formula, but it might be suggestible to add some. Even if you aren’t strength training or engaging in aerobic exercise [1],[2],[3],[4],[5], there is some evidence (currently trying to find the study) that creatine can stave off muscular atrophy in older adults.

One study indicates that sedentary rats experienced adverse liver and kidney function from unnecessary supplementation, whereas another found no renal problems in sedentary adults undergoing exercise training.

I’d say either way you can probably add creatine, but try to match the dose with the activity level - low for sedentary, medium for aerobic, high for lifting. Creatine is one of the most studied exercise supplements and there’s very little evidence of it being dangerous to otherwise healthy adults.

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Is creatine something that could be added in the initial pitcher-mix, or would you have to mix up individual servings as you went?

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Ideally, you’ll mix your dose of creatine into a single glass of soylent during the day (or some other drink.)

Creatine is stable as a powder, but after it becomes wet, it begins to slowly break down into creatinine. You don’t want the creatinine, you want creatine. Your body just has to get rid of creatinine; it’s not recycled, it’s eliminated and fresh creatine is synthesized by the liver or ingested through food.

It’s not necessary to take creatine (it’s not essential), because your body creates enough to meet your needs, but if you do ingest more creatine, it does get into your body’s cells until they’re “topped off” at a higher level than would normally happen, and it does appear to have some benefits. Creatine is helpful because it eases energy cycling in the cell, which you can imagine has an effect which is most greatest for people like endurance atheletes - but it also appears it might be helpful, for example, in elderly people whose energy systems may be compromised or degraded.


I’ve not added creatine and have been consuming Soylent (1.3/4, Mana & Jake) for 60%+ of my calories for a year - and my blood tests have consistently shown creatinine (the waste product of creatine) at the high end of normal ranges.

Personally, I’d regard supplementation of it as an unnecessary complication.

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Anyone adding creatine to 1.6? Or seen blood creatinine levels since 1.6 release?

Side note, here - blood creatinine levels are not really the best indicator of creatine levels. They’re more an indicator of kidney function. If creatinine levels are at the high end of normal, and you have not been intentionally taking extra creatine, you should keep an eye on that over time - it may be an indicator that your kidneys are not working their best. (If your non-Soylent diet is very high in creatine - i.e., lots of meat - then being at the high end of normal may make sense.)