Creatine Supplements


I’m thinking about making up a batch of soylent to supplement my diet since I’m a vegetarian doing a lot of weight lifting and already drinking two protein shakes a day with a milk powder that includes added vitamins and minerals. Getting half my calories or so from soylent wouldn’t be a big lifestyle change.

One thing I haven’t seen much discussion on is adding creatine to soylent. I’m currently on 5g a day, and I find it really helps. There’s a lot of research indicating at low doses it’s safe, significantly improves mental performance versus a vegetarian diet, and has a big effect on strength. It’s also relatively cheap (about $0.10/day) and tasteless when blended in.

Does anyone else take it? What do you think?


Creatine is good for recovery times. I have no anecdotal evidence that creatine in my meat-free diet has any effect, but I am eating eggs and drinking milk. The whey has some non-zero creatine content.

It probably makes sense to eliminate variables. If you’re bulking up and switching to soylent it may be difficult to draw conclusions from your results. Best if you get the blood panels at least.


Just bought Creatine Monohydrate. I’m gonna have 5g/daily. Will share any details with you.

“[…]a significant gain in physical performance in high-intensity exercise has been shown with creatine doses of 20 to 30 g/day, but more recent research is indicating that similar performance benefits are possible with much lower doses in the range of 2-5 grams/day though benefits may take longer to be noticed).”



I have used creatine on/off since EAS brought it out as Phosphagen in 1994? Its one of the very very few supplements that actually works. The “old school” loading phase of 20+ grams/day for a week then 5 grams a day did wonders! but many of us found our bodies had troubles with the 20-40 grams a day that first week. I know I did. I use 15-20/day for 7-10 days then 3-5 grams a day for the remainder. I only use it in late spring/summer. When you stop within a week much of the water increase inside the muscle will leave you. It amps me up too so I stop at 3pm so I can sleep. Try taking it in hot water and let the water liquify the crystals some. Also adding a sugary carb i’m told will help absorption. It will jump your blood pressure some too so be ready for that.