Creating first batch of soylent soon, would appreciate some advice!


Looking for some advice and/or revisions.

Caught wind of Soylent (and soylent) a few days ago, super interested in trying a DIY solution as I’ve been trying to live with a healthier lifestyle. Managed to lose ~thirty pounds over the past six months just by cutting back, though honestly I don’t quite have the motivation or money to plan and cook the food required for a nutritious diet so I’d really like to try soylent.

Currently looking at, though if anyone has any recommendations feel free to let me know.

I’d like to be able to order everything off of Amazon, though I’m pretty sure I made a few mistakes and/or could have chosen better products and it’d be cool if someone could modify this list if it needs it, I’d really appreciate it:

Canola Oil
Iodised Salt
Corn Starch
Vitamin K supplement
Soy Flour
Equate One Daily (Men’s Health)
Vitamin C Powder
Choline bitartrate
Wheat protein isolate
Calcium Gluconate
Magnesium Glycinate
Potassium Gluconate


I’m not sure if you’ll be getting a complete amino acid profile from the wheat protein. I’d recommend looking at a different protein source.


I clicked on it and it went to a whey protein isolate that said specifically wheat free. Think the “wheat” part is a typo.


Thanks for pointing this out!

I’ll probably just buy a DIY solution from someone on the forum, I don’t think I trust myself enough to make my own quite yet.