Creating program to automatically sort out and reduce the cost of creating your own soylent


Hey im in the process of creating a cost optimization application for soylent. It is currently on source forge and has a some barbone essentials written. So far all of the code is in C.

If you would like to help and get a developer account, reply to this thread or message me.

I am also planning on writing articles about the nutrients and other general aspects of it. So if you do not know how to code you can still help.

A link to the source forge page will be posted soon.

These are the project goals


  1. Add supplement amounts from health canada.
  2. Allow user input of specified amounts
  3. Comparison of user input valus to health canada values.
  4. Optimize user input to allow for names of supplements being added along with cost and multiple ingredients.
  5. comparison of amounts added to health canada values
  6. cost calculation
  7. cost optimization based on combination of components of each ingredient being added.
  8. adaption of code for use in html browser
  9. adaption of code for mobile phone app


  1. detailed list of core nutrients and what they do.


Hey so im in the process of entering values into the database for the program, there are a lot of numbers to enter and you do not need coding experience to do it.

If anyone wants to put in a bit of time, it would make the program a lot more useful.


not to be a smartass, but if you’re manually copying nutrition data for each individual ingredient from the web into your program’s database, you’re doing it wrong. write a quick parser and have it done with.


also, throw out all your code and start again in Java. C is really not meant for this kind of application.


The bulk of the numbers were entered through the program I initially wrote in C :P. The main time consuming part is fine tuning the values entered.

I don’t have java installed on my mac and don’t plan on installing it.

The program is currently in C due to the cross-platform compatibility along with I have found it fairly easy to implement c programs into Ios and osx apps.

Oh and theres the part that i kinda like writing things in plain old C but thank you for your input.


k, misunderstood the data entering thing. Know what you mean about liking a language, I hate java myself, but it is much better at cross platform and web interface than C is. So wait, what do you mean ‘tweaking’ the values?


Sounds like a great plan. Although wouldn’t a web based application be more… accessible?


Totally aggree, this sort of thing is probably meant to be a webapp.


This should be a web app. I’ll volunteer some time. Should be built on an open source cms for time’s sake, preferably Wordpress.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who was thinking along these lines. I just added this which may be useful to you in creating the program you described.