Creating Soylent as a group (UK)


I have no science knowledge and pretty much know I’ll screw up making Soylent. I’ll bet a) there are lots of people like me, b) there is someone reading this thing ‘geez… it’s really easy’.

Until the Kickstarter project is running and we can buy it properly how about a bunch of us get together and make some ourselves? I’m thinking pay for a couple of weeks worth of ingredients and we give whoever makes it maybe £25 per person or whatever makes it worthwhile for them to do. There must be someone happy to make ten people’s worth in a day for £250…

I guess someone might appear now to tell me that a couple of weeks worth for ten people would be a huge amount. I don’t know. Just tossing the idea out there - I’d pay someone to make it, others will do the same, I’m betting there is someone here in the UK with the skill to make it. Lets get together and pay them to do so.

Who’s with me?


Hmm… perhaps nobody is with me on this…


I’m in the UK and also very keen to start experimenting. I don’t have any specific chemistry experience but I’m reasonably geeky and have an industrial research chemist for a friend so may be able to hassle him for advice and/or supply contacts. I think the kickstarter is the way forward, but I think that will naturally be US centric for a fair time. I think a little UK experimentation is a good idea. Not sure where to start really…


I think the whole development process will be pretty long - it will depend on classification. For example if it needs to be approved by the FDA then it will have to go through some pretty rigorous testing. Then there is all the marketing and production angle. I wouldn’t expect anything sooner than 6 months, more likely 12. Obviously there can be independent research and testing alongside anything Rob puts in motion (as there already is) which will help support the main research and development stream, and hopefully give the more impatient among us something to get to grips with!


6 to 12 months??? God please, no! That would be horrible.


heh heh! I don’t have any firm data to confirm that, it’s an educated guess, but probably realistic. Maybe @rob has had some info regarding process timescales?


I can’t imagine Soylent would need to be approved by the FDA. I’d imagine the production facilities would just need inspecting to ensure the food was produced appropriately. Assuming it gets classed as a food and correctly labelled we should be able to import it into the UK.

If Soylent somehow gets classed as a medicine the FDA approval wouldn’t cover it for import into the UK and it may need approval from the MHRA (in the UK). As above I’d imagine it was a food and didn’t need approval by either.


Coming back to producing it in the UK. Joe where are you in the country? I’m in Newark (next to Lincoln). Do you think your friend would be interested in helping?



Hi guys,

based in Dublin across the pond and willing to contribute to this. Once we have required numbers let me know how I can help.



Hi everyone,

I’m also around Dublin.

I’m currently looking into making my own, and if I succeed, I will rather be looking to share with other people around here, as shipping back and forth between the UK and Ireland isn’t ideal.

Just in case though that I don’t succeed with my own, I might also be wanting to join in on this =)



Hi Ben,

If we get more Irish interest we could give an Irish version a go, I’ve shown this to a few of my friends who would also be interested. This could help reduce shipping costs etc


Hi Ross,

3 people on the boards so far including you and me, plus one colleague who hopes it will help her lose weight.
Don’t know if she will go through with soylent though. :109:


I know one thing that would be handy for anyone based in the UK is to collate a Soylent ingredients list based on things we can buy at shops like Holland & Barratts, Boots and the supermarker chains like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Morrisons. As someone with very limited nutrition and scientific experience, I’m hoping someone will come up with the goods!


Actually looked at Holland&Barretts in Ireland today…their stuff is so expensive (in comparison to Amazon)! :S



Some random things I found. The RDI amounts originally listed are US recommendations, and are different to the UK / EU RDA amounts. I can upload to Google drive what a slightly put out member of staff at Healthspan gave me.

I split my carbs into 50% Maltrodextrin and 50% Instant Oats as I was worried about Maltrodexterin being one step away from Sugar.

I get my Carbs and Impact Whey Isolate from About £2 a day for a 50 day load. I use Olive oil, after research it seemed the most well rounded fat product, and use healthspan Multivitality Pro, Calcium and Magnesium tablets, and Low Salt for the Salt mixes.

Mix the powder, Oil, Salt and Vanilla flavouring dry, add in some cold water and stir with a fork, to pick up all the dry powder, then add in some hot water, to bring the temp up. The Olive oil and Water mix well if you use warm water with a light foam on top.

I mix mine up in a blender bottle, and drink 750ml at lunch and 750ml at dinner.

I’ve been off it the past week, but was loosing weight, I just seem to have an issue with feeling too healthy. Mentalness at work doesn’t help.

Give it 30 days to see what its like, you do not need a ‘company’ or fda / fsa approval to spoon feed you it, its very simple. It cost about £20/30 for a 10 day batch (this didn’t include the required 30/60/120 day vitamin purchases).

I have a google docs spreadsheet that works out what is required if anyone is interested.

You just can’t be bothered with people looking, thinking or asking if you are weird when consuming it and no other food.



Londoner here! I am a n00b, and most ignorant on this subject and also very interested in trying it out.
If you guys ending up buying bulk stuff, can I be in? I’ll try to understand things better in the meantime.
Y’all looking through suppliers now. I don’t think I can do better but if I do I’ll share.
Otherwise let me know if I can help.



@aesysct is it really that simple? I hope so! Can we get all the micronutrients from multivitamins and the magnesium and calcium supplements and then macros as simply as whey, oats and olive oil? Any chance I could see that spreadsheet?


Since everything on my sheet is from amazon UK or Tesco, I thought I’d share it here too.



Spreadsheet needs some work before it gets released into the wild, but will have a look.

Please find attached Link to RDA which as I stated is different from original Soylent’s RDI, and is much simpler to match with Multi-Vitamins in the UK.

Google Docs File

To be honest I am not sure if I am over simplifying it, but I felt good on it, but considering what I eat when not on Milky Vanilla Tea or ‘Gloop’ as her indoors says, I am not really worried at the moment, until I can do more research into Nutritional Science.



Another London based geeky type here. I suspect there will be enough of us to create a right little munch (sup? imbibe?) in the relatively near future.

Personally I’m waiting on that wicked mistress finance to sort herself out before I start laying out my initial investment. However I noted in another topic that Rob has mentioned he’s working with a group in the UK to get this stuff out onto the market as the first market post US release, which will not only help us brits but will also greatly aid the European syolent community as getting things from England to Denmark is many times easier than the USA to Germany.