Credit Card Charged 11/3, Still No Word and No Soylent


@Soylent Hi, I was charged for a recurring subscription on 11/3 and after several emails over the past few weeks I haven’t received one acknowledgement, notification, or my shipment.

What is going on? I think I’ve been patient, especially for having money taken out of my account. If I don’t hear back back soon, I’ll just have to file a credit card dispute.



you ordered on 11/3 of last year or this year? if it was last year you should have received it by now, probably about a month ago. but if you only ordered it a couple weeks ago then you still have a couple months more wait time before you receive your shipment. i understand that you think waiting a couple weeks is being patient, but there are people that patiently waited a year to receive their soylent. i ordered on july 4 2014 and still have a couple weeks before i see my order. did you miss the indication of 3 month ship time on the order page?


Since the account was created April 10 of 2013 I’m guessing 11/3 isn’t the first order. Most likely this is a reorder. Even if it were a first order you’d hope Soylent would respond to emails sent to them more timely than several weeks later (or not at all).


@SoylentGobbler @inod3 I was an original backer and waited for over a year. Patience is gone my friend. @inod3 was right, it was the first reorder from my first delivery. I got auto charged on 11/3 for it and haven’t heard a peep from @soylent. I’ve emailed them 3 times at every @soylent email and still nothing.


You haven’t gotten any response from them? What email did you send it to? I got a response to nine within a day.


I sent replies to their info, subscriptions, and myorder email addresses. I haven’t a heard a peep from @soylent and I’m really frustrated at this point.


That is both unfortunate and unusual… Hoping they respond to being tagged. Keep in mind, I don’t believe they operate the Soylent account on weekends. So I expect you should get a reply sometime tomorrow. If not, tag them again then.


@soylent please respond. I’ve still heard nothing.


@mrmack00 It looks like you’re in touch with our support via email. Our apologies for the frustrating experience – Thanks for reaching out.


@Soylent reported to have shipped today.


So, I am also a backer, ordered and was charged on the same day and have not heard anything with regards to shipping. Can I get an ETA? @Soylent


@david962 Your email’s priority has been confirmed and your order will ship in 2-3 business days. Our apologies for the delay and mixup. We definitely appreciate you contacting us so we can fix the issue ASAP. Your subscription will now be shipping regularly. Thanks!