Credit card charged for subscription order but no ship email



My credit card was charged for my subscription {2nd order} but I haven’t gotten any shippment email confirmation…

Ideas? v1.3 coming soon?

Just got back from a business trip…missed the 1.3 anouncement…

Yo Soylent Gawds, where’s ma 1.3?




If possible, try including the date that your credit card was charged. I’ve seen several threads where it took nearly two weeks for the subscription shipment to be sent out. I assume it was a subscription…


Charged on 12/15/14…My subscription renewal/reorder/recharge date


They have been slow to send out reorders after charging, as @antilight mentioned a few threads have popped up about it over the last few weeks. The response has been that they are working to acheive billing/shipping parity, but that for now there may be a delay.


Email notification from the soylent customer service folks answering my questions about subscriptions from a while back came yesterday. Followed by an email saying my order was prepping for shippment in a couple days, followed by the order has shipped email with expected delivery in a couple days with the fedex tracking number which showed today as the expected delivery date.

Stuff just got delivered…:slight_smile: