Credit card security?


Has anyone else had issues lately with odd charges on your credit cards? I had to cancel a card because there was a weird charge for $50 with the description “Withdrawal @ STARBUCKS CARD RELOAD.” I don’t have a Starbucks card, and my bank agreed that someone else was likely using my Mastercard. So I updated my Soylent subscription to my other credit card, and now the same “Withdrawal @ STARBUCKS CARD RELOAD” for $50 has shown up on that card too.

I’m not positive that the problem is with the Soylent subscription – but the timing of these charges does make me wonder if our security has been compromised through the subscription site.


I doubt this is because of Soylent… perhaps they have direct access to your online bank somehow? perhaps your computer has had a keylogger on it (maybe still does?)

If you do a quick google search for “Withdrawal @ STARBUCKS CARD RELOAD” a ton of other people with exact same problem will pop up.some people for $1200-1600

If all you have done was cancel your old card, I recommend much more… make sure no virus/keylogger/malware of any sorts are on your computer, then change your passwords. Then perhaps another card.

There is a small chance the site that handles Soylents transactions and bank informations was hacked… but that is only a problem if those bank informations are not encrypted on the server… are they @Soylent ?


Thanks! Damn. New passwords AGAIN. This means I’m gonna have to buy a new dog, huh?

(You know, because people use their pets’ names for… Hey, it was funny in my head, anyway.)


Its far more likely your computer has been hacked or one of the other places you use your card online has been hacked. I would strongly suggest not buying anything on your computer till you can clear it out. Get a firewall and anti-virus program for your computer. If you already have one figure out how to set it up, update it, and run it.

It may not even be an online thief. It could be someone installed a credit card skimmer on a reader you use regularly like at a gas station or non-bank ATM. It could also be anyone you hand your card over to for payment like at a restaurant. One time I noticed a mysterious $200 charge for Target on my card. Come to find out earlier that day I had gone out to lunch with some friends. When it was time to pay I had my card out and someone with a camera phone took a picture of the card. I remember hearing the sound but at the time didn’t think anything of it. The basic idea is they load a gift card with the money then sell the gift card. Target has no way of connecting the fraudulent credit card charge with one of their gift cards.

Any idea if your credit card has an RFID chip in it? If so ask your bank to give you a new one without it in there.


This is one reason why I use - there are others that are similar but using a unique and strong password at every single online site you use, is pretty important these days.


I can’t agree more or stress that enough.

Use a program like LastPass for all online passwords. (it’s free; there’s also other great ones like Keepass, IIRC)


Thanks, everybody! I’m actually pretty careful – strong passwords, etc. But I was on vacation Nov. 27-Dec. 18 and used my debit card a lot, in a lot of unusual places. I hope my thief enjoys the coffee, I guess.


Report it to the bank/card company as fraud and ask them to open a case - they’ll refund you the money after reviewing the charges to see which were legit.

A large chunk of the fees they take are used to reimburse fraud victims.


I bet he isn’t going to use them himself. From what I could find, the giftcard is apparently hard/impossible to track, because the stores don’t have any tracking information on them, and as such he just resells it to someone.

Here is an idea for stores/companies that use gift cards… make them traceable so people using them from fraud can be caught.