Cricket Soylent – high carb athletic mid-30s female ($$$)

Hi all,

I saw several older threads discussing the possibility of cricket flour for protein, as well as some discussing quinoa as a carb source. I’m taking the plunge… Cricket flour is in the mail.

I’ve developed a rudimentary formula. This is a complex, expensive mix of high quality ingredients plus some fresh ingredients, which I know defeats the purpose for many Soylenters (not cheap, simple, nor storable). But maybe something of interest in it that you can tweak to your needs.

Here is the ingredient list so far that meets my macro needs as well as almost all vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients.

– cricket flour, brown rice protein, pea protein mix
– quinoa flour (sprouted if possible), gluten-free oat flour, brown rice flour carb mix
– Udo’s oil 3-6-9 lipids mix
– Greens+ O
– potassium citrate powder
– sunflower lecithin powder
– iodized sea salt
– coconut water
– almond milk
– spinach (vitamins)

EDIT: Replaced many ingredients with Vega One. Swapped Udo’s oil for cod liver oil (trace amounts of dairy in the form of butter which helps absorption). Will be experimenting with coconut water or almond milk for the liquid instead of just water.

I want to avoid soy, dairy, gluten, corn, maltodextrin & artificial sweeteners. I might cook or soak the carb flour mix in advance, based on other threads I’ve read.

I’ve got the proportions worked out to an almost perfect 60:20:20 which works best for my lifestyle (better than zone & keto). But it would be easy to adjust to your preferred macros by altering ratios of cricket flour, rice flour & Udo’s oil.

Cholesterol, sodium, sugars are low. Vitamin A, C, fiber, calcium, potassium are excellent. It has a good balance of soluble & insoluble fiber, a great amino acid profile, and good omega ratios.

But iron is almost triple the UL so I have to figure that out. Its mostly from non-heme sources, and I’m getting sufficient calcium, so all that iron may not even be absorbed. I’m not sure about my vitamin D, K, magnesium, copper, zinc, and anything else not mentioned here, so have to look into those too.

I’ll be aiming for about 1800kcal because I want 200kcal wiggle room to try out different flavoring periodically (eg, banana, berries, cocoa, stevia, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, mint, other fruit & spices & sugars, etc.). This will throw off the balances a bit but shouldn’t matter much if I’m regularly varying the items used for flavor.

If it tastes like a**, or is so expensive as to be completely unreasonable for me, I may have to alter it dramatically.

Once I have the whole thing fine-tuned, I’ll provide the exact recipe with exact measurements. This will take awhile, with lots of trial & error.

In the meantime, I welcome any questions, comments, criticisms…


Good luck!

@axcho tried some.


It’s easier to get comments on your recipe if you type it into the DIY site - it’s very helpful for trial & error actually. Want to try something (drastically) different? Copy the recipe, go from there.

Brave choice on the crickets :smiley: A better tasting option is sprouted brown rice protein which upgrades the amino acid profile to a full one and tastes better, neutral slightly sweet.

Magnesium can easily be obtained from hemp protein powder (hempseed powder) along with some copper and zinc. 60/40 hemp/pea has a good amino profile and you won’t need much.

Dietary iron is (mostly) not problematic, supplemental iron is

Not all omega 3s are equal. Plant sources only have ALA which must be converted to DHA and EPA. Reports are conversion rates are as low as 5% - that would put the omega balance way off! I would recommend supplementing fish or cod liver oil (extra vitamins), krill or algae.


I tried some of axcho’s cricket soylent. It tasted kinda like salt water, with the cricket flour having a crunchy mouthfeel that was “off putting”. It sorta made me feel sick after half a glass. Good luck, but make sure whatever you end up making is tolerable :smiley:


@Pozac – Thanks for the info!

I found had some issues/errors so I will not solely rely on it but yes, I do intend to add my recipe there soon.

I hope to use a mix of various proteins – currently listed as cricket, brown rice, pea protein but I’ll now look into hemp as well, and try to get sprouted brown rice protein.

Re. dietary vs supplementary iron, I wasn’t sure which Greens+ O would be considered?? I believe it is predominantly from powdered greens (dietary) but not sure if it is also fortified with vitamins & minerals (supplementary)?? I will have to investigate.

I’ll certainly check into the omega issue. I was under the impression that the scientist (Udo, renowned in field of lipids & omegas) formulated Udo’s oil 3-6-9 with perfect ratios with a blend of different high quality oils, using his professional understanding of absorption. Though yes, I was surprised it does not include fish oils (he was probably aiming to remove common allergens or appeal to the vegan demographic). Tricky to get my omegas balanced while keeping overall lipids low. I’ll look into it and may switch to fish oil.

In any case, you’ve given me lots to consider, thank you! :smile:

@Syke – Somehow, in researching cricket flour in this forum, I missed @axcho’s recipe. I’ll check it out!

@Tordenskjold – Ick, that doesn’t sound promising. I had heard about the crunchiness. I figured maybe it could be disguised with a handful of raw cacao nibs which also add some crunch (though again, high in healthy fats, would mess with my macro ratios so would need to rework things). Or maybe raspberries, with the crunchy seeds.

I hadn’t heard of the saltiness so will watch for that. I did hear of a potential earthy taste. I have some experience with maca root powder in my smoothies, which is also earthy – horrible by itself but pairs well with cocoa.

I will first work with the cricket flour in other smoothie recipes that I know I enjoy, so I can get a sense of how it affects the taste/texture and work with complimentary flavor/texture pairings. There are some cricket smoothie recipes out there where presumably some others have already worked that out.

If I really can’t get it working for me, I’ll go with hemp/pea &/or sprouted brown rice protein for my Soylent and use the leftover cricket flour for baking.

Stay tuned & I’ll post my recipe in progress on in the coming weeks. :smile:

You could put the cricket flour through a burr grinder to make it finer

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@Corpsie – excellent point, I’ll give that a try!

@Pozac et al

Ok, I’ve added my recipe to I’ve been able to simplify a bit from initial recipe by replacing many ingredients with Vega One. I swapped Udo’s oil for cod liver oil. Will be experimenting with coconut water or almond milk for the liquid instead of just water.

I’ve been unable to source sprouted flours for my carb mix so far. :frowning:

With my current adjustments, my niacin & manganese show up in red which I assume means potentially toxic levels? And a few vitamins & minerals are underdosed so still need to investigate those.

Note: I have not actually made this recipe yet. Awaiting some sample items in the mail to start experimenting with taste/texture.

Sprouted Flour Co. has good stuff.


@Syke – Thank you! I’ll check that out.

Take this with a large grain of salt; I did a lot of reading on Naicin a few weeks ago, but I didn’t take notes and don’t remember the specifics. However, Niacin is another one where the results differ based on whether it’s a supplement or not. And even at that, the 35mg limit is just to avoid some mildly annoying side effects – to get into the actual toxic zone you’d have to take at least 4x that. (I think it might have been >200mg.)


Since my last post, I’ve added parsley, alfalfa, D3, C to top up some underdosed vitamins & minerals. Also added a bit of sunflower lecithin back in – Vega One has some, but not quite enough.

However, I might drop them off for simplicity & taste & slight cost savings. I don’t have a full nutritional profile yet for all my ingredients (eg, I definitely have more omega 6 unaccounted for) so I can’t even be sure how necessary these extras are.

I thought I’d leave some notes here on my rationale behind my DIY formula for future readers…

Since this will be something I consume everyday, my priority is to get a VARIETY of high quality ingredients, regardless of cost (within reason) instead of getting, for example, all carbs from just oats or whatever.


No (or minimal) wheat/gluten & dairy/lactose – I have sensitivities. I do consume small amounts occasionally in my regular diet, but if consuming too much regularly in my Soylent every day, it could become a problem.

No (or minimal) soy products – I have a hormone imbalance. I know the jury is out regarding soy as a phytoestrogen, but I’d rather not take the chance.

No (or minimal) corn products (eg, masa) – Empty sugary/starchy calories that have invaded just about every single item in the North American diet. Even Jevity & similar products are simply corn, soy, sugars. That’s enough already.

No artificial sweeteners – Either horrible health consequences with long-term consumption or questionable or just not enough research on them yet, even the supposedly better sucralose (Splenda).

No maltodextrin – Again, too much of a question mark for everyday consumption in large quantities. Its cheap but there are better options.

No canola oil – There are healthier oil options that are not as cheap, which is fine for me.

No xanthan gum – Isn’t this just a non-digestible thickener? There are better options.

Caution with vanillin – Commonly used to mask or neutralize unpleasant flavors (not necessarily to add vanilla flavor). But it can cause headaches for some people. I have to see how I react to which forms of vanillin, at what doses.


Carb mix
– Quinoa flour (preferably sprouted): also has a complete amino acid profile, some healthy fat, and love the taste
– Oat flour (preferably sprouted, gluten-free): I already know I can digest it raw, no problem, and like the taste
– Brown rice flour (preferably sprouted for complete amino acid profile): to top up carbs without altering other macros too much

Protein mix
– Cricket flour: high protein, also has perfect omega ratio, couldn’t find anything else that beat its nutritional profile (hopefully I can tolerate the taste/texture) but it would be $10+/day in just cricket flour alone if I wanted to get ALL my protein from only crickets, sooo…
– Sprouted brown rice, pea, hemp proteins from Vega One, mixed for compete amino acid profile
– Sprouted brown rice protein: extra to top up protein without affecting other macros too much
– Quinoa & sprouted brown rice flour has a small amount as a complete amino acid profile

Lipids mix
– Some healthy fats from cricket & carb flours
– Trace amounts in other ingredients
– Fermented cod liver oil to top up Omega 3 (harder to absorb than Omega 6): Green Pasture seems to be a high quality reputable brand

Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients
– Vega One: powerhouse!
– Filled in gaps with a bit of high quality brand potassium, D3 (capsule on the side), C, sunflower lecithin, iodized sea salt, parsley, alfalfa (may drop some of these after getting more compete nutritional profile of all ingredients)


Aiming for 60:25:15 or 60:20:20 (carbs:protein:fat). After 5 years of 40:30:30 and 5 years of keto, I’ve discovered high carb just works best for my lifestyle.

As mentioned, aiming for 1800ish/day for 200kcal wiggle room for flavoring.

Other considerations
I currently have copper overload, so I have to be mindful that my copper intake stays within range while upping my zinc to counteract it. I will likely take a zinc capsule supplement on the side.

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@Syke – I emailed Sprouted Flour Co. but unfortunately their shipping rates to Canada are outrageous (through no fault of their own). Like $50 shipping for a $20 5lb bag of flour. Might be more reasonable once I go bulk to 50lbs but no way I’m going to do that without being able to try a small amount first.

So back to the drawing board to find Canadian options…

Xanthan gum is also an emulsifier: helps keep everything, the oils and the water, mixed.

And it’s an insoluble fiber, the “non-digestibility” of which is part of what makes it helpful to the digestive system.

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@asympt – Ah, I see, thanks!

There was another thread, I think by @axcho, which isolated certain ingredients to determine what was causing problems. Xanthan gum seems to cause gas (though only smelly if adding sulphur from rice) for some people. Vanillin seems to cause headaches for some people. So I’ll be watching out for that.

My Vega One may have both in trace amounts (need to double check). To test, I drank some today, mixed with water, seemingly without issue.

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It was the gum arabic (aka acacia gum) that seemed to result in increased gas volume, not xanthan gum. Though I didn’t test xanthan gum by itself.

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@axcho – Hmm, ok. Will have to look into the difference & effects.

It’s the soluble fibers–which you also need–that tend to cause gas.

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My cricket flour has arrived! Looks really finely ground. I’m impressed! Let the experiments begin! :smile:

@asympt – Definitely soluble fiber can do that, but not like I can remove that; I can only choose better forms/sources. But as for the gum (arabic/acacia, not necessarily xanthan, my bad), see this thread: