Critique my peanut & cacao recipe. I am new to this

I am very new to this. I tried a DIY recipe about 6 months ago, but it was quite unpalatable. I made this:

It took a full 12 hours of research and effort. It is very tasty!

My concerns are the max levels of manganese that comes from all the peanut flour. Also, some of my percentages are well over 100%. I don’t want to overwork my liver and kidneys.

Cost is not a concern to me. I probably need to use soylent exclusively because I am a terrible glutton otherwise.

I am almost 50 years old and in good health except for being overweight. I get a good amount of exercise 6 days a week.

I was hoping someone with DIY soylent experience could illuminate some flaw or suggest an improvement. Any comments are welcome.

Two things:

The Niacin may be high enough for you to experience “Niacin flush”, it can happen at >35mg. However, I’ve read that isn’t an issue when the Niacin isn’t a supplement, so it might be fine.

You might want to cut back the sodium, unless your blood pressure runs low. 1.5g is often recommended when you hit ~50. It’s also a very easy change to your recipe – reduce or eliminate the Morton Iodized Salt, and increase the Morton Lite Salt a little.

Everything else looks good.

That’s a lot of protein. You sure you don’t want to switch some out for more fat, including omega-3 and omega-6?

I might be more sensitive than others, but I get headaches if I transition from a high sodium diet to a low sodium diet in one day. All pizza one day followed by all Soylent the next equals instant headache. I find it immensely helpful to gradually transition, which is easily accomplished by adding extra salt for a few days (gradually reducing the amount to zero).

Thanks for the helpful info, gang. I will research all of those points and improve the recipe accordingly.

General question: at the bottom of the Nutrition Facts, it says “Percent Daily Values are based on “emannie’s Rob’s Recommended””. Who decided to choose Rob’s Recommended? Seems they should update it to “Rob’s Newest Recommendation”.

I’m not a nutritionist–how would I know if the US, German or Australian Govt., Rob or QuidNYC have the best recommendation? The % of protein/fat/carb varies widely. I can understand low sodium, desire for ketosis or weight loss, of course.

I’m not sure what you’re asking, but you can change the nutrient profile associated with your recipe. Just click the Edit button, then select something else from the Apply Nutrient Profile drop-down. “emannie’s Rob’s Recommended” should show up at the top, under your private profiles, but there are a lot of public profiles to choose from.