Crowdfunding backers screwed


I have been patiently waiting for darn near a year to try out this product. I paid in to the crowd-funding campaign almost a year ago. I have read the posts… I know what the “plan” is, but its all rubbish. I expected that the ramp up time for us would be sooner. I only purchased a 1 week supply because I wanted to try it first which is reasonable. No matter what happens I do not expect to use this as a complete meal supplement rather an occasional one when I cant get away. This means that my one week supply will last me much longer. Ultimately the soylent team failed awfully when they assumed that everyone will use this exclusively as a full meal replacement and didn’t even consider that some people would use it this way.

All I can say is I’m truly disappointed in the execution of this effort. At this point even if I liked the end result, I WILL NOT repeat a purchase. I feel as if my trust, faith and confidence has been lost and I see no way for them to regain it. This is very unfortunate because there really was potential here and I really wanted to see it succeed. Yes I am dissatisfied and wholly disappointed.


[quote=“ctmansfield, post:1, topic:14812, full:true”]… and I really wanted to see it succeed.
You may yet! Do please remember that the Soylent people aren’t doing this for their enjoyment, or to target you for some reason - they’re trying to do what they think is right.


At which point it seems that you would only be punishing yourself.

I see posts from time to time that are similar to yours, and I can understand the frustration of waiting and over all the delays you’ve seen in the last year. When you do finally receive your order, and if you do like the end result, who will it effect more if you choose to boycott the company? Certainly voting with your dollars can be effective in some cases… I’m just not sure it will have as great an impact on them as it will on you in this case. Assuming you do like the product they provide, and that you would benefit from it, I would say that you will be harmed more by staying away than by returning. I expect this company to succeed and I believe they have an idea that will endure, a year or two from now very few will care or even know that they had a slightly bumpy start.

Your alternatives are limited, you can buy someone’s DIY recipe, or you can make your own. You can buy an inferior commercial product, or wait a while and some competition will be along.

While I know most people won’t have the desire to pursue a DIY soylent program, I would recommend it as a good alterative to consider. DIY can give you comparable health benefits with a small investment of your time, and even fewer dollars. I got started with it the beginning of the year, and don’t plan to leave it behind anytime soon. Even with the official product shipping, there is still room for both in my life.

Good luck, however you choose to go forward.


I cancelled my order and got a refund several months ago. I may order a week once they’ve gotten their logistics fixed (if that ever happens), but I’m pretty well convinced that DIY is superior to the official product.

A good rule of survival on the Internet is to never allow yourself to be charged for something that isn’t going to ship promptly. It’s okay to order something that will take a while to ship, but only if you have a commitment that you won’t be charged until it actually ships.


Give it 4 weeks or so. Something to consider is that as the orders get smaller, they will ship to more people more quickly. It’s rough - I think people didn’t get the idea communicated to them in a clear enough fashion that they weren’t ordering a product that would be shipped in a regular fashion, but something that was going to be delivered in a rollout of a new product. The flip side is that the Soylent team didn’t know what they were getting into with 20,000+ individual orders ranging from 4 months to single day packages. I think they’re at a point now where it’s smoothing out. 4 to 6 weeks from now and everyone should have their first round, the reorders for existing customers will take precedence for the following month, and then the new orders will go out, and everything will be normal.


By most measures Soylent has already succeeded. I understand your impatience but they are doing the best they can with knowledge and experience they have. They have over 23000 (?) orders to ship. I too was a backer from near the start and I just got my shipping info on Thursday. I ordered a month.


Then you just ruled out most if not all crowd funding on the internet. Crowdtilt, Indiegogo, and kickstarter. Crowd funding is just not for you.


Thank God, the universe has saved you.


I’m basically with the OP. They’ve bungled things beyond repair, for me. Too many flip-flops, too much time.

brace yourself for the influx of die-hard apologists :wink:


A year isn’t that long of a wait for something like this. They’ve gone from basically a kickstarter project, to a full company in under two years. I waited a year and a half for mine, and it was well worth the wait. Just be patient. you’re not alone.


Its not our faults you dont know the logistics of Soylent and crowdfunded projects in general. :wink:


Look at that - right on cue! :wink: (complete with the required baseless assumption & ad hominem)

I’d much prefer a civilised talk. Or simply ignore such threads.

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You couldn’t be more wrong.


That wasnt an Ad Hominem, I was clearly using reason and logic and I was not appealing to emotions.


That has never been an assumption of ours – Soylent is intended to be used however an individual wishes. I’m not sure what you mean by this statement, can you clarify?

So did we. It’s taken longer than we’d hoped, but we are working on getting everything scaled up ASAP.

I’m very sorry to hear this, I hope that in the future we are able to change your mind. In the meantime, we are more than happy to provide refunds if you have wholly lost desire to be part of this process.


I think he was referring to the fact that orders are being shipped based on the assumption that people don’t want to run out. The shipping queue was set up as if all orders will be consumed in the exact time they are for.

If you guys never intended that kind of use, then why set it up like this?


I think that crowd funding is generally not right for anyone, if looked at rationally. In my opinion, backing a crowd funded project only makes rational sense when you have a high level of certainty the project will be successful, AND there’s a sufficient incentive not to wait for regular orders – either a substantial discount, or sufficient bonus items that regular orders won’t get.

However, I didn’t order during the crowdfunding phase, I ordered during the pre-order phase, when the website stated they were only 1-2 months out from shipment. When the shipping estimate was pushed back several times, I cancelled the order, which I think is the sensible thing to do – much more sensible than merely complaining about it. Since they’ve been very up-front and helpful about processing refunds, this is a scenario where you can only be a victim if you allow yourself to be. By waiting until orders can be placed without long-term pre-billing, you avoid giving others unnecessary power over you.


Are you referring to the fact that we’re shipping by order size? Or our reorder prioritization? We definitely want to ensure that people don’t run out of Soylent once they have received their first order, but that isn’t connected to consumption rate.

We certainly intend some proportion of users to consume Soylent on a near-exclusive basis, but not everyone.


Just curious, which DIY are you talking about? I’m on a quest to find the best tasting DIY.


I believe this is in reference to this sort of idea:

Or more simply, “bigger orders first, to slow reorder rate” assumes that an X-month order will take X months before re-ordering. But, as I say in the quote… there probably isn’t much improvement to be made without getting really complicated with it =/


I use a personal variant of People Chow. I use cinnamon, xylitol, and cayenne for flavoring. I used to use chocolate or vanilla protein powder, but I recently switched to unflavored protein powder, so I’ve started experimenting with cocoa powder to compensate for the lost flavoring.