Crowdfunding backers screwed


You didn’t go to the moderators and request they handle it. You decided to handle it on your own, in a reactionary and emotional way that violated what you agreed to when signing up for the forum. And now you’ve created a separate account, again disregarding the rules you agreed to when signing up.

I’m sorry, but there are mechanisms to deal with nasty people, and devolving into nastiness yourself isn’t the way to handle it. They haven’t deleted negative posts that have merit. They in fact will go out of their way to tone down posts that have merit and edit them, leaving the facts in place and getting rid of the rhetoric, namecalling, and pointless bickering. They work with trouble in a fair way, and you sidestepped that.

I’m sorry, but you have nothing to stand on. You broke the rules, and you’ve broken them again, with pretty flagrant disregard for the rest of us who abide by the rules. The basis for any civil discourse is a set of rules, and I don’t see why you feel you’re above them. Especially when they’re as simple as they are here.


you were banned and still is… hence you should not be posting right now… hence you will get that account banned too probably, hence your posts will probably be removed also… such is the nature of being banned.

You were being very disruptive… and the ban was justifiable.


Sorry folks, didnt catch it in time…Deleted his posts.


For the record, not at all a secret (cptcoy is maintaining that he was “secretly banned”) – as with all bans (though this is the first) the purpose/date of the ban is publicly visible on his profile.


As a business entity, they’re entitled to change their minds. That said, however, I think that if they change their minds and don’t publicize that change, then that’s dishonest - or at the very least, bad form.

Specifically, they continue to maintain that they will ship orders based on order size and order date (per the latest blog post, dated 6/20). The latter half of that is patently false - there’s that dishonesty. If you look at the shipping tracker for people who ordered 4 weeks of Soylent, there are a number of people who ordered early (e.g. me; I ordered the first day of the Kickstarter) who have not yet received their orders, while other people who placed their orders later have received their shipments.


@jaydub, your order definitely should have shipped by now, I will look into it today.

The DIY shipping tracker is not an official source of information on our shipping progress, and there’s nothing stopping people from seeding it with false entries. I’m not saying that is the case at all, just that the information it contains is not not necessarily something to be taken as gospel, or as indicative that we are being patently dishonest.


Fair enough, @JulioMiles, and I appreciate both your response and your willingness to follow up on my order.

And while I will certainly agree that the DIY tracker is not an official source of information on your shipping progress, it’s the best we’ve got. I think I can safely speak for a large number of people on the thread when I say that we’d all be much happier if there were a regularly updated, official source of information on shipping progress.

Lacking that, we get our information where we can. In the case of the DIY tracker, we’re crowdsourcing it. And while some people may seed false information, there was a preponderance of data indicating that, as you yourself confirmed, my order should have shipped by now. I’m guessing that there are other people in similar circumstances, and they’re probably equally frustrated with the lack of feedback. Perhaps there’s something special about their order, or perhaps they didn’t provide full information - or perhaps you guys goofed and dropped their order on the (metaphysical) floor. There’s no way for us to tell, and if the problem is on our end, there’s no way for us to try and fix it.


I’ve kind of considered doing that. It seems that people who order now are going to somehow be prioritized above the people that ordered back in 2013.

How that makes any kind of damn sense is left as an exercise for the reader.

I’ve got zero faith that i’ll see my order before the 1 year mark. (End of October). - And the order page now indicates a max delay of 12 weeks if you order right this second.


How do you come to that conclusion? Ive seen no hint from RL that they would ship new orders before backers got their order.

If you can provide a link, that would be great.


Hey you, check their trackers website. It will definitely give you an idea of whats going. I wish I knew how to get there but I stumbled upon it and saw what others were posting.

They said they were going to ship larger orders before smaller requests. And from their behavior they have been shipping larger orders this year, 2014 before folks of 2013. Crazy, I know.


I think you and I are saying the same thing…lol

Im commenting from the standpoint that new orders past that may deadline will not go out before original backers in 2013 or 2014…

I didnt realize you were being more general than that. apologies.


Order cancelled, refund demanded. All thanks to the user here who inspired my cancellation by opening my eyes to the fact that I’m not going to get my product next year, or ever. So why wait?


If you had waited until tomorrow you would have a much better idea when you would get it.


Yeah, Crowdtilt’s order search is a little rudimentary, but since you provided the email address you actually used to place the order, I was able to find it and get you refunded.


Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking these forums since the early days and have finally decided to chime in. I’d like to tell you a story, so warm a glass of cocoa, gather your family, and snuggle up in a blanket.

A revolutionary product that seemed very promising had been announced, and I was ecstatic to take part. A forum with a small, but passionate group of early adopters was set up. At the beginning, everyone talked about the promise of this new product, and how it would change everything. People who had received their product early on were enthusiastic, and a couple of evangelists made fan blogs where they talked about their experience with the product and how awesome it was.

As the months went by, the poor management of this new startup became evident. They had a great idea, but lacked the forethought or experience to properly market and release it. The product itself was amazing (of course, not without having minor issues and hiccups), but because of the poor execution, the forums eventually became an area where everyone started to complain.

Without knowing how to market such a “different” product, many news articles were contrarian, stating that the product could never work, at least not on a mass market scale. The people that understood it best was the small passionate community of supporters, while the public as a whole would ridicule and joke about it.

Almost a year later, and the company changed from releasing regular updates to the nearly silent trickle of information. This happened because they always seemed to fall short of their promises. “The product is going to reach this milestone!” they said. But alas, it would not play out.

The company realized that with every failed milestone, the forums would become more and more toxic. It became an echo chamber of argument about how the company was poorly managed, and how they wouldn’t have had those problems if they handled things in another manner.

What had once been a promising community of discussion of how the product would change the future eventually became filled with embedded youtube reaction videos, and meme images. Moderators had the onerous task of herding the forum full of (lol)cats to keep the discussion civil, but eventually this resulted in overzealous deletion of critical, mean spirited posts.

As the company became silent, wishing not to anger the community with failed promises, the forums shifted towards nonstop speculation. “Maybe they’re going to show us with their actions instead of more failed promises!” Nope. Now, the company continued to steer along the same path, but no longer offered any insight as to why they were making these decisions.

Eventually, the company’s CEO finally declared one day that it would be no more. Employees revealed that the company had failed to be acquired by several bigger companies, which would have kept it afloat. Instead, competitors realized that they could just release a similar product without having to acquire the smaller company.

But all was not lost! The company had been purchased by an investor. Instead of it being shut down completely, the investor thought that the corpse could still live on under the same name.

The company’s name was OnLive (now onlive).

The end.

I see striking parallels with Soylent and this community. I thought I would just wait it out and not order any Solyent, because I had a feeling I would be disappointed in the same exact way. But instead, I fell into the trap of being an early adopter yet again. I managed to hold out until close to a month ago, when I preordered a monthly subscription.

I hope that things will turn out differently, because this is another product that I think is very cool. But the company’s similar direction in terms of poor, inexperienced leadership and a product that is not marketed or released in a solid manner make me very worried.

Thank you for reading my book. I will now retreat into my introverted corner. My only suggestion is for this community to not devolve into chaos, and for the moderators not to overaggressively hinder discussion while still steering it from the brink.


I could not resist.
Literally, as you can see.

+1 would read to children again


Good Story.

Mine is different. I ordered in May '13 and it was over a year later, but I finally received my Soylent. After a couple of weeks I started a subscription and my re-order was shipped within a week. So as far as a 4 week order I guess I got lucky.

I am getting very concerned with what appears to be a serious slow down of the shipping of original backer orders and the complete silence from Soylent/Rosa Labs. I think it is time for @rob and @JulioMiles to make some kind of statement or blog update beyond ‘we are shipping 4 week orders’.

I’m very happy with the product so far but every day that I check this site and don’t see anyone posting about getting their original backer order fulfilled it worries me and makes me a bit fearful of them not being able to meet their obligations to current and future customers.



Other than this site, my immediate family, and those who sit so close to me at work they can see I am drinking lunch now, I haven’t told ANYONE that I have Soylent.

Why advertise a product that you aren’t sure can fulfill current commitments? I would hate to get someone hooked on Soylent then have them waiting months to get theirs.

And I feel bad for doing this. So much conflict in my brain pan. Sucks. I would rather be able to confidently recommend the product to everyone within earshot.


well, i’m the opposite. backed late may 2013, got my friend hooked on the idea, he and his gf did a combine order around march 2014… he got his first shipment june 2 and already has gotten 2 refill orders. he has a stockpile of soylent in his closet now, like 3 boxes worth. so, i ordered months before him, got him hooked on the idea, he got his first and i’m still waiting.


I have been considering the parallels between soylent and occulus. I backed the occulus kickstarter. It had massive delays over their original estimate. They allowed preorders. They started out open and communicative and got progressively more tight-lipped. People complained bitterly, blamed occulus for factors outside of their control (their factories went on vacation, delaying things considerably, for instance). People blamed them for taking any time to improve the product, people complained about them not meeting promises, etc.
However, despite all of that, I got a rift, it worked as advertised, and life carried on.
Then occulus announced they would release a second dev kit, and opened up pre-orders, with an estimated shipping in july.
occulus was very conservative about making promises. they were very quiet. When they did give an estimate, it was “we might possibly be able to say that it is possible to ship out x amount in a month, cross my fingers and don’t quote me”. Now, they are ready to ship next week. It is july. they made their timeframe. However, their production will be slower than initially anticipated. People are up in arms.

Meanwhile, full fledged game companies have games delayed for months or more, an its just business as normal.