Crowdhoster is Live


If you haven’t seen it yet our campaign is up at

Even though you guys are clever enough to make it on your own we would love your support!


Isn’t it over? Aren’t you over the amount required, by quite the margin already?


I’m from Europe, I’m funded 230$ and after that I read about it, that’s only available in the US, I already got the payment info per mail, what should I do now?

  • Wait and get the europe version only later?
  • Refund?
  • Something else?


Is the official recipe ever going to be released?


I knew that about non-us but I funded 20$ for the t-shirt anyways. Can this one be shipped over to EU? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just purchased the $230 option. Thanks for this, Rob, even if you didn’t get back to me about testing, I still love you. Thanks to everyone else involved in the project as well. This is a serious step in healing people, on so many levels. To be able to get full nutrition while minimizing bowel movements might just be the long lost answer for my uncured medical issues that have devastated my life. If corporate America doesn’t manipulate the system, this product is going to change the world. A lot of pain will be saved.


Such an awesome post @Blueman and I couldn’t agree more. I funded @230 and am telling everyone I know. I’m behind this 100%.


You can choose to wait to receive your month’s supply once we’re able to ship to your country, or email us at and we can refund your contribution, so you can hold onto it until we’re shipping internationally.


Do we need to remind you, or will you remember to send us the shipment when the time comes? And how do you know where we come from? I don’t remember filling out my details.


We’ll request your shipping info once the campaign is over. If it’s a domestic address, we’ll be able to ship during August. If it’s international, it’ll be a longer wait.



And kudos to you. I felt that Rob was lacking in the communication department but you’re definitely making up for that. I guess these are just growing pains :slight_smile:


Good ! I can’t wait to receive my full-month shipment in France. In case of longer delays will it be possible to be delivered by an external firm before ? (Such as Fedex or assimilated)

With the shipping fee on us of course.


I’m curious about the t-shirt. I’m US-domestic, so international doesn’t apply; however, I did donate at the $65 (1 week) level and was wondering if the $65 & $230 levels get the t-shirts as well (crowdhoster site doesn’t say much at all). I’d really like a t-shirt! :smiley:

Also, on twitter it has been mentioned about a couple of post-funding goals, yet there’s nothing on the site about that either. Any news on when the site will be updated to reflect the new information?


I just can’t imagine how much money KS turned away in turning away this project… Glad someone saw the power in this!


Funds raised from the campaign will be used primarily to cover up front manufacturing costs, meaning the price will decrease with time and scale.

While I understand that costs would go down due to economies of scale, do you think an at-least-70% cost reduction is feasible?

I ask because $7.70/day is more what most (including myself) currently pay at the moment for their home-cooked chow. The poorest people in the UK (i.e.: the people who would really benefit from cheap nutritious food the most), live on the equivalent of $1.50 a day.

To claim that this in its current state is “cheap” is quite a misadvertisment.


Will the shipped soylent be different based on gender? I seem to recall Rob mentioning in his blog that women probably needed a different formula.


Saw the video just now.
Rob: I think you would look more believable and trustworthy with a bit of a beard.
Would’nt have to be much, this one would be enough! :open_mouth:


They reached their goal, but the campaign continues for another 29 days.


The money you give to this drive isn’t buying soylent.

You are helping to fund soylent’s start up by giving them money to get equipment, a manufacturing plant, ingredients and the requisite rubber stamps to go into business. They’re giving you soylent as a thank you, but that is not what you are giving your money for. It’s much like buying a pin badge from a charity, you’re giving the group money to do great things and they’re giving you a trinket as a thank you.


hi, so sorry for the long delay answering your question – we’ve done an erratic job at clarifying that the issue with shipping internationally is regulatory, not logistical. As I understand it, in order to ship to a given country, we first have to get approval from that country’s applicable regulatory agencies. We really don’t know how long this might take, it will hopefully be quick but it could conceivably be several months.

We are grateful for your patience and excited at the overall international response we’ve gotten. It’s been gratifying seeing how widespread demand for Soylent has become – people from nearly 60 countries have expressed interest in ordering Soylent once it’s available! We’ll be posting ongoing updates regarding our international shipping process, and thanks again for your patience.

(# of countries determined from international update list)