Crushing up multivitamin = failure?


I’ve been experimenting a bit, took carbs out of my soylent, and then today took out fats and consumed almonds instead, and I noticed something.

Hopefully this is the type of obvious thing a person would notice, but I think it’s worth mentioning. If you’re using a crushed multivitamin, you might notice your soylent getting darker and darker the more you drink. Probably because the minerals are sitting on the bottom, and despite your best effort at shaking it up before drinking, they sink rapidly.

With ample oil and carbs this might not be an issue at all, but since you can tell from the color, it might be worth paying attention to.

I don’t think I’ll be crushing my pills anymore for the time being, at least with my current experiment.

Also it occurs to me that my diet just changed into a “almonds plus a protein shake and multivitamin (plus potassium, etc.)” diet. Which is pretty much exactly what this guy did except rather than almonds he ate Hostess and Little Debbie snacks!

Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds


Would this only apply to crushed multivitamin tablets, or also to different minerals added one by one in powder form?


I think it applies to any crushed mineral tablets… being heavy… some things probably mix just fine. I expect powders mix just fine. Oil content seems to help. Hmm I suppose I don’t know without doing experiments. It’s easier to see a gradual color darkening with a multivitamin tablet and its dark minerals. I use vanilla whey, I suppose it would be more difficult with chocolate.


This takes out a small piece of the convenience… but I use a shaker bottle and mix my soylent when I’m ready to drink it. The powder is separate.


I quit crushing my multi almost immediately because it seemed to separate out more easily, makes the shake taste worse, and were generally a pain to crush up in the first place since I don’t own a food processor or anything. I use a twice-daily multi and just take one with breakfast and one after lunch. It’s easier, tastier, and I can’t see any downside. Is there any benefit to crushing the multi?


Seems like your Soylent is an “unstable emulsion”, wherein certain ingredients will naturally separate from one another.

Oil might delay this at first, right after blending/shaking – although given enough time, the oil itself will separate out as well.

If you cared about maintaining a homogenous mixture (say, if you mixed it in the morning and brought it to work) you’d probably need to add an emulsifier.

Egg yolk is a good, natural emulsifier, and theoretically (I have not tested this) would keep your multivitamins more thoroughly distributed while drinking it.

However, that might be overkill… probably best to just swallow the vitamins and drink your Soylent separately.


Yeah I was actually using soy lecithin as an emulsifier, it still darkened significantly over the course of the day. I’m not really comfortable in my use of an emulsifier because my brief research on the subject seemed that it was a lot more complex than just “add a bit of this to your mixture”. You needed to use the right type, in the right proportions of the right solutions. Adding a bit of something blindly and expecting it to work seemed naive on my part without at least conducting some experiments to see whether it was having an effect. Maybe it was effective though, what do I know.

Right now I don’t even have a soylent drink, it’s pretty much multivitamin (and some things) plus almonds. But I plan to put together a protein shake with some coconut oil now that I’m taking all the pills separately, so it may just be resurrected.


The subtle irony here is that even Soylent, the un-food, is probably best consumed when still “fresh” :wink:


Are you striving for weight loss? How many grams of almonds are you eating daily?


Fat loss, yeah. It was a bit less than 220 grams. Which by the way, is too much. :wink: Too much fiber. That was just a couple/few days. I actually read the book Why We Get Fat the other day and well, everything is different now… I’m no longer doing anything especially peculiar.


Ultimately what matters is solubility. Anything insoluble in both fat and water is going to sink to the bottom (or rise to the top), which you may not notice with everything else in the drink One thing worth pointing out is that with a lot of tablets, the ingredient itself is soluble, but the excipients (the stuff that the “pill” is made of) aren’t.

There are a couple of solutions. Some ingredients you may want to dissolve in the fat first. One thing you could do is to make your soylent in a blender, keep it in the blender pitcher, and give it a fresh spin right before you drink it. One thing that I have done with certain ingredients that either screw with the taste or sink to the bottom is crush them up, weigh them, and put them in empty gelatin capsules. That way, if you want to get a little bit throughout the day, you can just divide the stuff up into as many “meals” as you plan to have and take a “pill” with the meal. This works out well, because you can usually fit all of the crushed micronutrients into a single capsule and take them together.


I strongly advise you against this method. There are many advantages to soylent over a pill diet, not just in terms of pleasantness and convenience, but also in that:

  1. As a future food community, by keeping all of our shakes complete, we will be getting closer to understanding nutrient uptake interaction, as per parts of [this thread][1], which is pretty much impossible with more complex food.
  2. Even the uptake of one nutrient is different when concentrated in a pill, and is in most cases also a known hazard to the digestive tract.
  3. Mixing multiple dry powders can lead to cross-reactions, especially when suddenly exposed to the stomach acid in a highly-concentrated clump, assisted by the viscosity of the dissolving capsule. In the least, you risk breaking up your anions.

In my opinion, it is crucial that Soylent has a significant volume, in fact I am not sure there is an upper limit other than the total amount of liquid you normally drink in a day.

Excessive insoluble precipitates to me primarily suggest checking the pH levels, but in any case, finely suspended precipitate seems like it would be orders of magnitude more appropriate than pills or capsules.


My multivitamin mixes in just fine, and I can’t even taste it. Though since I’m now not exclusively on Soylent (one or two meals a day at most), I just take one pill a day.


A comment on the article posted.
It’s well known that caloric restriction affects all-cause mortality and lifespan more than any other dietary factor.

So it is in fact the quantity that matters more than the quality.


[Citation Needed]



Also looking into the dietary habits of the Japanese and other long-lived groups reveals a clear pattern of caloric restriction.

These back up the claims but there are better sources stating exactly that caloric restriction has a more protective effect than any other dietary intervention.

I’ll look for it.

No effect of micro-nutrient supplementation on all-cause mortality:


Here’s a datapoint:
I put my multivitamin and choline crushed up into my Soylent once, and after about a day the Soylent smelled extremely odd. So I stopped doing that.


Too. Much. Citation. seizure

Seriously though, The whole lot seems to only talk about overweight, sometimes severely, persons. So to me, it seems it is not so much what goes through your tract in those studies, as what you are walking around with, straining your vascular system and whatnot. That can even contribute to the terrifying cognitive ability one, as more lateral vascular development and a higher flow resistance would lead to worse supply of blood to the brain. Thank you for the links, some have have really scared me, and I will do my best not to be adipose from now on. :grinning:


Please elaborate, do you mean you stored the mixed powder and that happened? I will assume so…
What was the moisture content? Could you describe the smell in any way? Did the actual powder start to smell in dry form, or was it just the smell of the mixed drink that has become unpleasant?


It was the mixed drink, with enough water to be a thick shake. It smelled a bit like pee.