Cue- health tracker


This looks really promising. Dose blood and saliva testing. From testosterone levels to vit-d. This and the just released “vessal” smart cup, things are getting interesting.


My credit card company greatly appreciates the posting of these exciting new technologies…


Why would you ever need this lol?


At home blood tests…


Something called insurance? Why pay for something when you can already get it for cheaper and done by a specialist.


It seems like a fancy app and bluetooth device wrapped around some existing tests (and quite a limited number of them) that you have to repurchase proprietary equipment for.

I’d be impressed if it were something I could just stick my finger in and get a readout of all 6 things it tracks, instead of having to stab myself to see if I have inflammation.


I agree, I believe that is the goal/future of the kit. The test now are current very limited. As I understand, many more are in the works. Just the beginning, I long for the day of a complete profile from one little prick of blood with out any other interaction s


I was looking at this with some interest. I live in a jurisdiction where I can only get lab tests if they are ordered by a doctor and I don’t have a doctor.

However, I couldn’t figure out what my $199 U.S. was buying. Just the test I had my mouse on? How many tests? Or a package of all the tests. If a package, as a post-menopausal woman who never wanted children, two of the tests are irrelevant. I’m not sure what “inflammation” is about. Vitamin D is what I tend to have problems with and that is the test I’d be most interested in. But the website is still more about itself and its special effects than about giving me good consumer based information.